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Many of the awakening humans starting to remember innate gifts and shadow side coming up to the surface. Memories from many incarnations on Earth and in need to dust off the forgetfulness and separation. A Starseed is an individual that believes they incarnated here on Planet Earth from other planets and another star system far away from the Milky Way. It’s important to know that a Starseeds are no more special than any other humans. They are not more or less likely to be successful, or wealthy, or be healthier than other human. You might resonate with one or several of the Starseeds… there is no better or wrong in their characteristic. The following is my opinion, and your have to follow your inner guide and heart.

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Characteristics of star seeds
Starseeds simply display certain characteristics that identify them as such. The colors were originally assigned because of the dominant colors that showed in their auras or energy fields. Starseeds seem to arrive in waves, and are named like Indigo, Crystalseed, Rainbowseed, Earthseed, Sunseed, Moonseed etc…
Indigos show a heavier preponderance of dark blues and purples. Crystal children have a clearer, more transparent aura and Rainbows, as their name suggests, shimmer with varying colors…

Starseeds tend to push the boundaries of acceptability that were laid down by previous generations. Is relevant to all Starseed types is that you will feel like you are a long way from home! Like you’ve always known it. There is part of you that is forever disconnected from Planet Earth. That’s the first marker; you know on some level that although you are ON this Planet and you are not from it! Identifying your Starseed origins can be both comforting and validating. It brings peace of mind that you are not imagining things, that you are not going mad on some level.

Pleiadian star seeds 
The Pleiadians are from the planets associated with the stars in the Pleiadian star complex 445 Light years from Earth. Pleiadians have a natural balance in how they approach life; everything is on a spectrum to them…nothing is opposing, nothing is black and white. Community and unity is your theme if you are Pleiadian. Pleiadians have mastered the art of living in balance, with a balanced mind and a balanced heart too. They represent the masculine and the feminine energy in balance. Even their body shape is balanced, it’s more androgenous looking, neither overtly masculine or feminine in their physical appearance, so there is no definable gender shape to their bodies which are often slim, tall and they often have defined high cheekbones, well-defined jawlines, hooded eyelids, long willowy limbs. The Pleiadian Mission is to assist with human spiritual evolution. They help humans to love openheartedly and through spiritual connection and sharing knowledge for the common good of everyone. They are often humanitarian, and they can be found challenging the established social norms. They love to share. They make great parents; they are nurturing and healing. Spiritually, Pleiadians are really sensitive; they are intuitive and empathic. Pleiadian star seeds are creative and imaginative; they are mystical and nature-loving.

Sirian A+B star seeds 
These souls come from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky. Its original inhabitants came from Vega, in the Lyra constellation, the supposed home of Earth’s ancestors. Sirius B is a smaller star and home to the water beings like the Miengu and Merpeople. These two planets initiated the awakening of all human beings. It is said that Sirius A gave us Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mother Mary. Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky, 8,611 Light years from Earth. Beings from the Sirius star system are younger than beings from Arcturus and Lyra but older than beings from Pleiades and Earth.
Sirius is one of the four races of beings that are said to have taken a primary role in the original seeding of life on Earth. It’s interesting that Sirius is a star system where the appearance of the inhabitants is quite different. … there are feline-like beings, lion beings that have wings (Sirian A), blue-skinned beings and elemental beings (Sirian B). Sirian star seeds tend to have fantastical and mystical traits.  Is this you? Wizards, witches, shamans, healers, priest and priestesses and other types of mystics suggest links to Sirius, and it’s star system. Sirians work with nature and animals, including mythical creatures like unicorns, winged horses and griffins. They love to protect nature and believe that the natural world around us have rights as much as the humans do. Don’t try and fit a Sirian Star seed into any particular stereotype. They don’t conform and don’t like labels. They express themselves in any way that they feel is true to who they are. Your common traits include loving fantasy books, fantasy games and fantasy movies – probably because they remind you of home! You have strong intuition and an active imagination.  You have an affinity to energy work or more magical practices. Sirian star seeds do have trust issues though so they prefer to be in small, close-knit groups, their eyes are very likely a cat or wolf. 

Arcturian star seeds
Arcturia is a very old advanced star system and, therefore, are considered to be old souls too. Arcturians comes from the star system Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes 36,66 Light years from Earth. The Arcturians embody wisdom, knowledge and teaching. Thay say to be the guardians of the Universe and enjoy passing on their information and lessons. The Arturians come to remind us that we have many expressions of our Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Earth, different planets and in other galaxies. Arcurian starsseeds are drawn to the Ley lines, sacred geometry, advanced technology, science, mathematics, and physics. They love to plan, to organise and to build. They have strong opinions, strong memories and they like to ask and explore the deep, philosophical questions. If you have an eye on the importance of a fair future for everyone, then you could be an Arcurian star seed. 

Lyran star seeds
Lyra is a small constellation 960 Light years from Earth and Lyrans are also some of the oldest souls in our galaxy. Lyrans are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.  The Lyrans contributed a lot of knowledge to Atlantis and Lemuria regarding the use of physical energy. During the creation of humanity, the Lyrans contributed the element of Fire to Earth and gifted humanity with Lyran work ethic. Lyrans like to experience the world that they are in to the fullest, they are pretty independent in their nature.  If you take away their independence, a Lyran star seed becomes really unhappy. They have a love for good food, drink and music. They love to use their bodies.  Lyrans are savvy rather than reckless. They are intelligent … they tend to know a lot…about a lot! They are intelligent … they tend to know a lot…about a lot!

Venusian star seeds
Is it possible that other planets in our solar system once supported life? Absolutely. And still could in other dimensions and planes of existence. This includes Venus, which brings us to our Venusian starseeds. Venusians live in the fourth dimension and they are also called the Hathors. Hathor is an ancient Egyptian cow-goddess of love and motherhood. They have a very angelic vibration and humans with incarnation from Venusians have sometimes hard to ground. It’s said she’s from Venus and seeded Venusians on Earth to teach Love. 

Orion star seeds
The Orion constellation 1340 Light years from Earth is home to several different types of beings, all with similar overall characteristics. Orion star seeds have agreed to help those on Earth with their spiritual evolution. Orion star seeds have an insatiable desire to learn things, they analyse, they dissect, they form opinions, and they stick with those opinions. They know a lot about a lot, and if you can manage to prove something to an Orion star seed they will champion your point of view! Orion star seeds are competitive rather than communal, they can speak abruptly and directly, they strive for perfection, they expect perfection from others. They are self-disciplined and understand the importance of discipline in achieving success.

Andromedan star seeds 
The Andromeda Galaxy 2,5 million Light years from Earth, is the nearest galaxy to our own galaxy which we call The Milky Way. Andromedan’s starseeds are from the constellation Andromedan, not the Galaxy. Andromedan star seeds are the explorers and wanderers; they are the freedom seekers and the nomads. They don’t compromise on that and will do anything to maintain it. Travelling is another love of Andromedans. They love to travel by foot, air, boat or bike. Many of them select the nomadic lifestyle. They travel and move around a lot. Travelling is the mode of seeking spirituality for them. They also want freedom of speech for expressing themselves. They don’t mind how they wander, by air, by land, by sea. They follow their spiritual pathway first and obligations second. To them, time is an illusion; however, they will arrive in time …but it will be as near to any time that suits them! They are the keeper of the Light from the 12th dimension, they vibrate only the colour of freedom. Andromedans love freedom to all.

Antarian star seeds
The Antarians are here in service to you today to soften your space, to open you up to the highest dimensions for the love and service that you are, and for all that you are bringing to humanity. They are here of assistance to you, for you are one of us. I feel they are similar intelligence  as Arcturian, and a very high frequency, almost like angelic and symbolic. They are here to activate your light body farther, to cleanse any incongruities within the extremities of your aura. To prepare you for higher dimensional travel and expansion, and indeed further anchoring of your higher self within yourself. The Galactic Federation is here, you are recalibrating. This is truly powerful work that you are doing at the Crystal Temple.
They talk to your Light Body, molecular structure, the atoms. The resonance of the emotions within every single atom and the strength of the capsule that is formed by the elliptical rotation of the atoms. Therefore they wish to inform you that radiation from the sun, from space particles, influxes of different types of radiation, deeply affects the human. For if you can imagine and visualize these small beads that comprise your entire body, the atoms, which are the only matter that comprises your body, for the bones are really dust. And if you can imagine that smaller than the particles of dust are the actual scaled size of the atoms, then you truly are dust spinning in space or in your your galaxies.
Antarians Counsil are extremely keen at observing what is unfolding when you bring your self and humans to their temple. They are sacred and keep them selves in the back, not of fear, instead of wisdom and to observe, when its time to act you will speak. 

These are the most common Starseeds, but there are many species and other extraterrestrial beings in our Universe. Andromedan also represents the second chakra, to assist in clearing the lower emotional body, moving towards feeling/healing the emotions, instead of resisting. Orion’s are 1st, Acturians 3rd chakra, Pleiadian 4th Chakra, Sirian 5th chakra, Lyrian 6th chakra and Bootes 7th Chakra.
They are all related and are all fifth dimensional and beyond, higher vibrational race. Most humans are still in the third dimensional consciousness but as we all are a participant of the Universal shift of a dimensional and frequency change, more and more humans open up their ability to fifth dimensional consciousness. The Galactic Council come to remind us that we have many expressions of our Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Earth, different planets and in other galaxies. It is NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. Most of our galactic expressions live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love. Remember you might have many different incarnations and different Starseeds but normally we more feel connected to one. But that is my opinion and you might have another information within you.
What resonates with you? What characteristics do you feel drawn to? Which Starseed are you? 

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