For Self Love, Unity and Universal Truth


You will receive depth healing, energy transmitting and activations of lightcodes from Violet Ray, Golden Ray & Emerald Ray to support transformation and soul healing. Galactic healing frequencies are channeled to our circle, to clear your inter-dimensional portal to, release energy blocking and restructure old DNA programming.
The Global Healing Seminar is guided by Anna Brus. She invites Shamanic rituals and Galactic intelligence.
Anna channels and receive telepathic information from the Arcturians the Galactiska Federations and Akashic Records. She is a Shamanic Light Language Healer, Certified Yogateacher and KarunaReiki®Master.
Each seminar is an unique invitation of intelligent galactic frequency, synchronized with Mother Earth, the four point of compass and the four quadrants of the Universe – Quantum leaps and alchemical activation.
The Healing Seminar can also increase your insight, support your health and activate your own healing process, raise your frequencies of consciousness and increase understanding of your soul purpose. Rebalance and harmonize the ascension process, self-love and open your heart to the joy of life and freedom.
The frequencies of the Healing Seminar activates days of cellular recovery process and working on a very deep level, we recommend you to drink plenty of water after the Healing Seminar.
Webinar meeting. Max 10 participant. Guided mix Swe/English. Recurring Seminar, see date in Calendar.
After your reservation your will receive a link for your participation to the Seminar.
Välkommen till en uppstigande GLOBAL HEALING SEMINAR, ÖPPEN FÖR ALLA!

Du kommer att kunna ta emot djupt helande, energi överföring och aktivering av ljuskoder & Violet Flamman, stödjer transformation och själs healing. Galaktiska helande frekvenser kanaliseras till vår cirkel för att tydliggöra din interdimensionella portal samt frigöra energiblockering och omstrukturera gammal DNA-programmering.

Global Healing Seminar guidas av Anna Brus. Hon bjuder in shamanska ritualer och galaktisk intelligens. Anna kanaliserar och tar emot telepatisk information från Arcturians, Galaktiska Federationen och Akashakrönikan. Hon är Shamanic Light Language Healer, Certified Yogateacher och KarunaReiki®Master.

Varje seminarium är en unik inbjudan med intelligent galaktisk frekvens, synkroniserad med Moder Jorden, de fyra väderstreck och Universums fyra kvadranter – Kvantum leap och alkemisk aktivering.

Healing seminariet kan också ge ökade insikter, bättre hälsa och aktiverar din egen läkningsprocess, höja dina medvetenhetsfrekvenser, öka förståelsen för ditt själs syfte. Återbalansera och harmonisera uppstigningsprocessen, självkärlek och öppna ditt hjärta för livsglädje och frihet.

Webinarmöte. Max 10 deltagare. Guidad mix sv/eng. Återkommande Seminarium.
Efter din bokning får du en länk för ditt deltagande i seminariet.

Some of the benefits:

  • Opening for self-development and new insight
  • To ankor and balance the 5th dimension of peace and harmony into our Planet Earth.
  • Healing towards the past, presence and future
  • Vibration/Sound healing invite balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers
  • Calming effect on nerve- and immun system
  • Balancing for heart and autonom and endocrine system
  • Therapy for emotional states like depression, fatigue, anger, anxiety, emotions of separation
  • Guidning in fear, worries and other relationship related to unbalances
  • Releasing towards trauma, stress and condition of pain
  • Vitalising for the whole nerve/meridian-system 
  • Chakra balancing
  • Ascension and Heart opening 

(Global Healing Seminar and alternative treatment can never replace traditional care or replace medical treatment, but are the best complement to any other care/treatment.)





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