Lift your frequency and manifest your true Soul purpose


Shamanic healing has been successfully used for thousands of years to help people miraculously heal trauma, emotional pain, blocking, diseases and stress. In the Shamanic tradition, it is said that there are three worlds; the earthly world that we all know about and which is tied to our personality and ego. The underground Mother Earth world associated with nature’s magical powers and our unique Soul. The celestial world connected with angels, Light beings and our Spirit. As a Shamanic practitioner, Anna then travel to the different worlds to transport and bring healing power to her clients and groups.

The technique of Shamanic healing allows us to discover more about who we are. It provides us with information from the inner Self. Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that existed before religion, and it’s wisdom is very ancient, how to connect with nature and all of Creation, a way of life. Shamanism works with the non-ordinary reality and is guided from the present moment by the spirit world. Shamanic Healing is like therapy for the soul and to find deep prosperous and peace. The healing involves finding its true essence of vitality and becoming aware of the mystery of life and the magic of nature.

Advisable to book a Healing package of 5 with a week between, and after perceive your Healing session, once or twice a month, until you feel balanced, safe and united.
Special price in the Calendar.

The Language of Light is a high-vibrating light energy that carries spirit intelligence and information, existing within the universe and every cell in your body. It is both intuitively understood and uniquely manifested in various forms by those people who communicate with Light & those who experience it. Anna manifests profound healing energy during these LIGHT transmissions.

Light Language is a healing multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. The Light language is the root of all languages. A universal language that can only be understood through our heart and third eye. It is not only spoken by voice in forms of toning, singing but also expressed by writing, dancing and movements of hands. It is channelled from Anna’s helping spirits as a dimensional frequency, coded sound and Light. Anna talks, sings and gesturing. Hands and heart are speaking to you. The Language of Light identifies where and how you need healing; Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Sometimes you feel the effect directly, otherwise the body and mind need to collect the information and the soul can then pick up when it is ready to do so. Light Language always heals appropriately to each participant, individually or in group-sessions, and can never hurt in any way. It is pure and clear Light from Source of power & love. Light Language speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self structure activates through the Language of Light. Clearing ancestral Star-patterns. Much of its clarity is within the trust of the unknown and subconsciousness; breaking through mental barriers by activating healthy heart frequencies. Deep layers of alchemical transmission of information. Initiating ascension is invited. Prepare your life to transit to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Annas Shamanic Healing session includes 12 Stand DNA activation, and the module of extraction and Soul retrieval.

"I met Anna in Bali, while taking an advanced shamanic training course. The moment we sat down across from each other, my entire energy body began to vibrate in an ecstatic way. This marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship and of a light body activation phase for both of us. I have had the privilege to receive both shamanic and multi-dimensional healing from Anna. She is both highly sensitive and very powerful. I listen to her light language transmission on her video channel and my soul responds joyfully. Not many healers span the cosmos and the earth spirit realms as Anna does. If your looking for an authentic and sincere star-seed to help you heal trauma and activate your soul potential, I would highly recommend Anna!"

Why Shamanism & Light Language activation

Intelligent combination brings us back our true Nature of Source and no-separation.
Advisable to perceive your Healing session, once or twice a month, until you feel balanced, safe and united.

  • Release energy blockings, trauma, fear etc
  • Activation/coded information helps you to remember your own innate soul-purpose. 
  • For deep cellular healing and self-integration.
  • Support in your awakening-process.
  • For spiritual alchemical development.
  • Emotional, physical, mental vitality.
  • Lift knowledge into your multidimensional being.
  • Repairing & Expansion of Auric field.
  • Connection with your Star/Spiritual- lineage.
  • Inter dimensional communication and Higher Self sensory.

Anna combine professionally the sounds of Language of Light as a 12 Strand DNA Activation with Shamanic Healing, you can also contact Anna if you would like her to visit your seminary or retreat place. Her Youtube channel is highly recommended to subscribe. 

This healing technique cannot replace traditional medical care but is best support to all health issues or unbalance, always consult you doctor in case of medical questioning.
For Distance healing please send your name, address, photo (not necessary) and your issue. We connect over Skype/whats app.






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