We receive Magic Love, only in the Presence


Samasthitiyoga allows you to be who you are and makes you ready to go deeper into your Sadhana, spiritual path.
Samasthitiyoga is a guided yoga with keyword loving kindness and eqalibrium. When we are being guided by Anna of is grounding, trust, freedom easy felt. Samasthitiyoga is a moving meditation and an initiating to connect to your Higher self. An physical embodiment of prayer. As well as an conscious touch through our centre and chakras. We invite the true nature into the Hathayoga and Quigong-movements, chanting ancient mantras to remember our roots, letting our heart express our innate divinity and open our hands as a poetry of creative liberation. A guided model through the powerful presence. An art of moving towards liberation. A highly developed and equalizing module for your spirit to flourish, to lift to nourish our your body, mind and Soul.

Samasthitiyoga® – a healthy equation and professional created – to lift your frequency as a multidimensional being, to invite Unity, Love & Peace from within.

Samasthiti whitch means ’balanced stillness’ is based on the Yoga Sutras Yamas & Niyamas. How we can equilibrate the mind and emotions – We use mantra, mudras, pranayama, breathe work, spirituality, universal intelligence, Shamanic rituals to receive generous power, and DNA activation from our yogamovements and vibrations from meditation.

It’s intention is to align the spine and body in relation to the earth and the sky and Samasthitiyoga aims to give you a strong, solid and healthy body, create more softness around joints and eliminate the gap between Ego and Spirit. The classes are designed around a serie with room for variation and exploration. Yoga/Qigong movements are emphasized on stretch and twist to promote body alignments and to dissolve tension in the fascia (connective tissue) also to build strength of the core, spine and around the major joints. Somatics (slow yin-flow) synchronizes breath with movement to create internal heat and balance.

A key is not to become an expert in anything, instead realize we are learning all the time. It’s easy to practise when we become playful like children and awaken inner intuitive side. There is a magical opening to explore new things that our beautiful yoga shows us. It is an opening to attendance, a magical way to change the state of your consciousness and to meet your inner realm. An endless process of exploring your spirituality, repairing the past and igniting inner peace.

All educations/courses with Anna is to open up your space to find your own answers, inner wisdom, and universal library – your own consciousness & beautiful body.

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"Equanimity arise when we become one Unite with everything"


– Intelligence arise from your inner true Nature –

With the help from Anna’s guidance we return to our true nature. We invite Power from Mother Nature and Wisdom from Galactic Intelligence – for self-healing, transformation and inner freedom & harmony.

Anna has for many years explored her consciousness and followed the spiritual path to healing and awakening, she is a, Certified Yoga Teacher, KarunaReiki®Master and Healer. She open up space for your opportunity to experience and go deeper into your self-development, awakening and true potential.

Love & Namaste






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