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Welcome to REIKI CRYSTAL HEALING from the source of KarunaReiki® and Usui Holy Fire® III. Reiki is a Japanese healing method and means “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki provides deep relaxation, stress reduction and contributes to self-healing. Reiki can never harm and is safe to give and to receive. Reiki is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, which means that you can get both reiki and reikicourse through your employer. Reiki is approved by the WorldHealth Organization (WHO). EEUU approves REIKI as complementary medicine. Reiki is used in over 800 hospital in the US and nurses and patients are educated in Reiki.

Reiki Healing is a form of treatment given through energy and hands-on. As a client you are fully dressed lying on a massage table or a mattress on the floor. Reiki provides deep relaxation, reduce stress, releases blockages, relieves pain and contributes  towards your own self-healing. Reiki can also develop our intuition and give guidance to our true spirit nature.

Crystals, there are many kind, size and colours. Their common benefits a very high vibration/frequency, and have an energy that is well suited for Astral travel and ascent to the higher frequencies. The surface of the crystal is often covered by etchings and codes, but the inside of the crystal is clear, symbolizing our soul and purity. The crystals arrives only because we are now ready to receive its message. The message is conveyed to its owner and only what that person needs. The crystals will be held against your Aura and feel how the information slowly fills you. It is transmitted as waves through you. Increases your consciousness and creates a connection between your consciousness and your spiritual divine self.

  • Therapeutic energy transmitting
  • Increase the body self-healing
  • Realise tensions 
  • Relaxing and recovering 
  • Complement to other treatments
  • Lifts your frequency  
  • Get access to your Higher Self
  • And much more

This healing technique cannot replace traditional medical care but is best support to all health issues or unbalance, always consult you doctor in case of medical questioning.
For Distance healing please send your name, address, photo (not necessary) and your issue. We connect over Skype/whats app.
Please contact Anna för consultation, information and booking.





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