The Language of Light is the root of all languages


To learn the Language of Light is to open your own portal of inner voice, the voice of your Soul, the vibration of your own Light being and creation.
The purpose of the weekend course is to lift your frequency and to get access to your own innate capacity, wisdom and multidimensional being, To help align with your heart, connect with your Soul message, Soul purpose and to share with the world. You will activate your true colors of feminine and masculine, right brain side to equalise with your left brain. 

You will learn to speak, sign, sing and write Light Language with Anna. The course is a nice mixture of academic material and Transmitting to Initate from Annas channeling of Light Languages. You will discover a mix of galactic, angelic, earthly and elemental energy signatures and frequencies of your own Language of Light.

A beneficial blend of universal truth and practical enforcement, DNA activation to improve your Spiritual Path and true Self. 

You will get tools to understand the subtile differens between Ego and intuition and how to keep up your practise. And open up your doorway to your ability to channel the Language of Light. It is a powerful healing process that many are feeling drawn to learn or improve. It is coming forward at this time to assist humanity in awakening as we embark on the rapid evolution of a New Earth of Ascension. It is a unique process of channeling that bypasses the mental constructs and speaks directly to the heart. Whether you are receiving Light Language or transmitting it, you are initiating powerful healing and growth.
Shamanic Initiating is given by Anna during rituals, guided meditations and transmitting. You will open the connection with your own true heart as well as the divine nature of Mother Earth and Universes. A magnificent tool for your multidimensional being and get access to your innate Soul purpose.
Do you feel interested and called? Then the course is created for you! A course good to combine with *Samasthiticoach Healing course.
Let me introduce your multidimensional ability and your inter dimensional doorway to harmony and ascension for your self, others and our Mother Earth, Universe and other Universes.
Welcome to a healing-module that takes you deeper into your heart and true Soul-purpose.
The weekend course will be in south Sweden and taught in Swedish. The course include Diploma and is deductible as it is classified as both wellness & certification. Fruit and Tea is included every day. Lunch or can be purchased at nearby shops. If you need accommodation, your’ll find in the city of Vellinge. The course fee is binding and non-refundable. More info will be sent with your booking confirmation.

“I’m Anna Brus, for many years I have worked to merge spirituality to heal and empower myself to remember who I truly am and to support people on their path to remember who they really are. My mission is to assist your transformation into the amazingly, important human and soul being that you are. Together we live in a evolutionary time on Earth. We are all exploring multidimensional changes and frequencies, even if we don’t understand them all the time. We are all a part of the healing of Earth as well as starting to awake and remember our true purpose and potential on Earth. It means that our inner Light wants to shine. I am an active Shaman healer, Light Language channel, certified Yogateacher, KarunaReiki®Master and receive inspiration from the present moment, the Galactic Federation and the wisdom from Nature.”

Read more about the, LIGHT LANGUAGE HERE…  

Investing, location/booking details, kindly check our Calendar.

Comments from participants:
✩ I got my life back thanks to Anna’s courses & healing.
✩ Thank you for showing us the Truth Anna.
✩ Annas courses are advanced and recalibrating on a cellular level.
✩ Annas course has convinced me that healing takes place at the cellular level by balancing body and soul.

✩ I perceived information, trough Anna’s transmitting, about my Starseed origin.
✩ I receive power from Annas courses to discover new aspects of life.
✩ Freedom to make my choice form heart and the knowledge to feel my decisions in my body.
✩ Personally, it has given me a stronger belief, a patience and an understanding to see behind the scenes of other people.
✩ Best course to see the totality from the perspective both earthly and spiritually, and Anna’s wisdom provides safety and guidance. Really recommend Annas courses to everyone!






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