Reconnect with your heart song


BEYOND MEDITATION & SHAMANIC JOURNEY – a weekly workshop for advanced spiritual integration – Online or at Lemuria Healing center in South Sweden.
We welcome everyone that feel called.
A beneficial module and practise of universal truth and practical enforcement, DNA activation, cell repairing, to remember your Spiritual Path.
Increase Self trust and Self development.
Raise your frequency of consciousness.
DNA activation, cellular repairing, accessing innate intelligence, wisdom and multidimensional capacity.
Beyond mediation to balance your right and left brain hemisphere.
Healthy body moments and sequence of Samasthitiyoga® for activation of chakra and lift of immunsystem.
Help align with your creation of Higher Self and Soul purpose.

Each session we explore Samasthitiyoga® together with the module of 15 dimensions and 12 Chakra. Shamanic rituals, guided meditations and transmitting from Shamanic Drum journey.

Annas safe guidance will take us to levels of Transcending Rooms, Upper World and Lower World, Angelic frequency, earthly and elemental energy signatures of Light and intelligence.

More info will be sent with your booking confirmation.
The course fee is binding and non-refundable. 
Can be joined Online or at Lemuria Healing center, south Sweden.
Investing, location/booking details, kindly check our Calendar.
Annas first spiritual awakening was around 2006, and changed her life totally. Today she is a Shaman healer, certified yoga teacher E-RYT 500h, channel of Cosmic Light codes and KarunaReiki®Master.
Her teachings is essential and esoteric but grounded and applicable to life. She is sharing the most ancient tradition and truth as alchemy and quantum-physics. If you believe that consciousness is the fundamental reality, and you feel guided, then this course is for you!

Comments from participants:
✩ I got my life back thanks to Anna’s courses & healing.
✩ Thank you for showing us the Truth Anna.
✩ Annas courses are advanced and recalibrating on a cellular level.
✩ Annas course has convinced me that healing takes place at the cellular level by balancing body and soul.

✩ I perceived information, trough Anna’s transmitting, about my Starseed origin.
✩ I receive power from Annas courses to discover new aspects of life.
✩ Freedom to make my choice form heart and the knowledge to feel my decisions in my body.
✩ Personally, it has given me a stronger belief, a patience and an understanding to see behind the scenes of other people.
✩ Best course to see the totality from the perspective both earthly and spiritually, and Anna’s wisdom provides safety and guidance. Really recommend Annas courses to everyone!






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