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We serve as a community for Polarity Integration and multidimensional integrity, we bring forward intelligent wisdom from ancient Shamanism, yoga and meditation, our workshops are a roadmap were Spirituality merges with Science. An art of moving towards Self-healing & freedom. All content is presented to the reader as intended with the empowerment of the individual first and is for your personal wealth only. Our intention of Unity, Freedom, Purity of heart, Compassion and Sovereignty for All beings.

Anna is the founder of Yogabrus AB and have for many years shared her awakening and knowledge through several retreat places, healing courses, teaching Samasthitiyoga and Meditation, Reiki and other Spiritual ceremonies. Today Anna share her authenticity as an activation and multidimensional Light codes through her service of Distance Shamanic healing and Spiritual events for support of you as an individual, Humanity and Planetary Evolution.

Current events and prices in Calendar. (Kontakta oss för mera information och svensk översättning).

Soul healing with Light Language activation is bookable through my email
Your payment will be done before our meeting through Invoice or Paypal. Please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment. Non-cancelled time will be fully charged. (Kontakta oss för info och svensk översättning.)

Light Language is sound-healing and coded information that is channelled directly from Annas helping spirits and transcending worlds. A multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. Language of Light is a powerful healing, speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self activate. Uppdated info under Light Language and price info in Calendar. 

After booking via you will receive a ‘Client info’ to sign and add personal information as Name, birthday and address. We connect through Skype/WhatsApp or just over distance. Payment latest 24 H before our session to bank account 507-6385 or Paypal PayPal.Me/yogabrus. Reschedule /cancellation latest 24 H via mail  Uppdaterad info and price in our Calendar. (Kontakta oss för info och svensk översättning).

If you identify with any of above symptom, or other unbalance you are welcome to contact me for more booking and info,

Annas Healing session are powerful and will support your layers of stress and blockings, release old traumas, and give you access to your innate wisdom and nourishing Light codes. We offer healing in a distance, different yoga, Spititual events and online courses. Please check our Calendar. 

We arrange yearly courses/workshops and a healing-module to certify you to give yourself healing as well to others. Or book a private healing session. The course gives answers/tolls about how and where the mind, consciousness/soul and higher self are located. We consider that you first have to coach yourself towards equal healing of, body, mind and soul and spirit before you can give authentic healing to others. Everybody is welcome to apply. Uppdated info in our Calendar. (Kontakta oss för info och svensk översättning).

Yoga means to unify with all you consciousness levels, and Meditation is simply to calm your mind and connect with your sensory system as well as unify with your Higher self. 
According to scientific research Yoga/Meditation  shows to provide increased health and has proven effect on:
– cardiac/vascular disorders and the nervous system
– stress/burnout
– headache/migraine
– back and neck problems and other physical discomfort
– balance digestion, metabolism and immune system
– emotional and hormonal disorders
– sleep problems and other unbalances
– inner cleansing
– support your intuitive and spiritual awaking
– and much more

Read more about my Healing Service and contact me with questions and bookings.

Our profound and professional healing/treatment/events is a support and best complement to your medical issue, pain, injury, trauma and spiritual awakening.
If you do have specific injuries please inform me before starting our practice/session. In our health declaration you sign that you take own responsibility for your own health. If you have any medical description and has prescription from a medical doctor, always consult and get advise from your Doctor before change the dose of your medication. Shamanic Healing and our workshops is a complement to other medical treatment and is not meant to replace any ongoing medical/therapeutic therapy. All our service is for your Highest good and everyone Highest good.

Contact if you have questions and bookings.

The information on this site and what we offer is not intended or implied to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is  best complement for illness, health problems and during awakening. If in need for medical advise Please contact a medical advisor.

We send out a newsletter once a month filled with high frequency of present information about the Golden Era, a newsletter with updated information about upcoming ceremonies, workshops and courses, and special offerings. Due to the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 2018.05.25, it’s important that you feel safe when you leave your data to us. We want to be transparent about why we collect your personal data and how we use them. We are in line with the increased requirements for transparency in the new data protection regulation. Data is kept confidential, and use professional secrecy. In addition, the information is needed to allow us to send information via email, create e-invoices and provide professional healthy support. When you receive an email from the database you can always chose to unsubscribe. When a member is deregistered from our register, all personal data will be removed immediately. Read more about our Integrity Policy.

Yogabrus offer a platform of ancient Shamanic tradition, yoga and meditation and Anna Brus is a channel for the Language of Light. Anna share Shamanic Healing, Transcending Light Codes, to support in private sessions, Gaia gridwork, planetary evolution and universal ascension. Anna guide spiritual activation through Yoga, guided Meditation and Ascension workshops, these ancient models are not to replace traditional medical care but is best support & complement to all health issues/unbalance/blockings. 

What we offer is no religion or sect-tradition, we use nor drogs or “New Age Channeling” or “mediumship”. Every word and energy shared on this website is for everyone highest good. We believe that we’re all equal intelligent beings and our inner Source connection is our path to harmony, sovereignty & freedom to all. 

Anna guide spiritual activation through private Shamanic healing, Yoga, guided Meditation and Ascension workshops, these ancient models are not to replace traditional medical care but is best support & complement to all health issues/unbalance/blockings.

Kindly read more in our F.A.Q & Terms & Conditions. (Kontakta oss för info och svensk översättning).

Contact us if you have more questions och requests. //Warmly welcome & Namaste//
Kontakta oss om du har fler frågor eller bokning. // Varmt välkommen & Namaste //



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