An invitation to a perfect way to rest from stress, mobilise body, balance any possible mental and emotional tension and imbalance, gain access to spiritual awakening and invite deep healing and ascension. You get a fantastic opportunity to ground and anchor the authentic You, and to awaken more of your innate potential. You open up for wisdom and healing powers from Mother Earth and journey deeper into your heart, and to balance the male/female energy – Shiva/Shakti.
We are surrounded by magical nature and the beautiful ocean as close neighbour. The days are filled with Shamanic rituals, Samasthitiyoga, Mantra, Breathework, Meditation, Aura-cleansing, Reiki, Chakra activation, Light Language and lots of rest and healthy organic food.

Lemuria Healing Center, a paradise in Skåre between Trelleborg and Höllviken and about 2,5 miles from Malmö. The Retreatplace is offering what you need in rest, recovery, reflection, self-development, yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and Shamanism and Reiki treatments. Yogashala on the ground floor with wonderful views of nature and sea. The big kitchen with fireplace is a nice area contemplation and to digest our eating. We always prepare our meals with care and love as we believe food is our medicine and important during this stay.
The lovely little garden with the most beautiful surroundings that invites you to silent relaxing walks along the beach or to the small harbor where we meet organic sales and artistic visiter. There is an overnight room for long-distans traveler. Parking facilities are within walking distance and local transport is available.

All meals served are high quality, vegetarian and gluten free. We consider that the food is part of the treatment process and is considered to be medicine for your recovery and balance.

"Equanimity arises when we accept the way things are"


Daily Schedule (detailed schedule upon arrival)

  • Daily morningyoga
  • Soft & Yinyoga in afternoon
  • Guided Chakra meditation and Aura cleansing
  • Shamanic rituals
  • Healing in group
  • Light Language activating
  • Sound healing with Drum and singing
  • Meditative walk in fantastic Nature
  • Time to observe, contemplate & rest
  • Free access to yoga equipment
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Herbaltea/Fruit
  • Supper on your own if you haven't added this when booking

The days begins at 08.00 and ends 18.00, last day we finish at 16.00.
The guidance in mix Swe/Eng.
Upcoming time: read in Calendar.
Location: Lemuria Healing Center, Read here.
Price without ackommodation: 4500 SEK incl all meals and tea. Booking fee 2000 SEK (not refundable).
Price for ackommodation for longdistance travelers, 600 SEK (60€)/natt/person. Bring bedsheet or rent 50 SEK (5€). Extra meals 50 SEK (5€) /meal. Please inform about possible allergies.
Maximum 10 participens. Notification binding and non refundable.
Read about Anna Brus, spiritual teacher, certified yogateacher, Shamanic practitioner.
- We welcome you with Love & Light

”Retreats with Anna always leave me a feeling of divine life power.”

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