Sound Healing Circle is for you who feel the guidance and curiosity to discover the truth of whats beyond body and mind, also an enormous healing experience. A ceremony for repairing and healing from within. We use shamanic rituals, guided meditation, transcending rattles, drumming and Light Language healing. The focus is on the visual experience and the transforming effect.

Vibrant sounds such as Drum are common to use in the tradition of Shamanism and are highly transformative, meditative, revolutionary, and opened to our spiritual realm. The vibration from a shamandrum leads us into a deeper and altered state of consciousness. The vibration takes us on a journey into other worlds and dimension.
You get a fantastic opportunity to root and anchor yourself, and to awaken more of your innate power. You open up for wisdom and healing powers from Mother Earth and travel deeper into your heart.

Anna works from a high dimension of light frequency, each person gets healing and light activation that is intended exactly at that moment. All elements of nature (moon, sun, earth, water, air, fire) are involved in getting the best qualified balance, plus more for those who want/need to receive. Initiation and ascension is invited. Everyone can participate and nothing is too difficult or easy. Everything is appropriately provided for each participant. Prepare your life on a move towards the fifth dimension and beyond. Each Sound Healing Circle is unique and new insights and responses are invited.

"Listen to your inner voice of vibrations & energy"


  • Soundtherapy is used all over the world for its evidential calming effect
  • Vibration that can balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers
  • Calming effect on nerve- and immun system
  • Balancing for heart and autonom and endocrine system
  • Soul healing
  • Therapy for emotional states like depression, fatigue, anger, anxiety, emotions of separation
  • Guidning in fear, worries and other relationship related to unbalances
  • Realising towards trauma, stress and condition of pain
  • Chakra balancing
  • Healing circle work towards the past, presence and future
  • Opening for self development and new insight
  • Preparing for a passage towards the fifth dimension and beyond
  • And much more

Bring own yogamat (a few for lend), warm sweater for relaxation and pen and notebook.
Read more about Anna Brus, Light Language healer, certified Yogateacher and Shamanic practitioner.
Sound Healing Circle is offered regularly during the year. Current date see our Calendar.

- We welcome you with Love & Light

”The depth and healing ability from Anna is beyond this earth, and must be experienced."

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