Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that existed before religion, and it's wisdom is very ancient, how to connect with nature and all of Creation. Shamanism believes that everything nature has a soul. Normally the ordinary reality seem as an illusion - while the spirit world/dream world is the place from where everything is controlled. Shamanism believes that the world is filled with invisible spirits, ancestors and forces that can affect the living. Shamanism has been found all over the world but mainly in Eurasia, North & South America, and Africa. Shamans work with an ancient spiritual healing techniques without the use of Bible or script.

When we live unconsciousness about the soul and spirit, we only know our ego and personality. We identify with it to such an extent that we do not know anything else. In the personality, we are guided by our thoughts and values ​​that create fears and emotional pain. By traveling inward in deep meditation, we can get in touch with our soul and its light and power. In the soul there are no evaluation, no fears and no pain. There is only love and wisdom as a reflection of the magic of nature.

Book a Shamanic (distans) Healing med Light Language via email and the meeting is via whatsapp/skype.

"Equanimity arises when you are one unite with everything"


  • Shamans calls medicine man and are remarkable healers. Shamans believe nature is alive. Shamans practise reaching altered states of consciousness. Shamans have helping spirits. Shamans never judge. Shamans use power and knowledge as service. Shamans live with presence. Shamans do divinations. Shamans do extractions (the action of spiritually extract something). Shamans do Soul portion retrieval. Shamans do Psycho pump (escort deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife). Shamans use compassion without religion.
  • Shamans use intention to heal. Shamans bring wisdom from deities and our creator back to Earth. Shamans trust the power. Shamans swim in the afterlife. Shamans play drums & rattles. Shamans work as one community. Shamans work with timelessness. Shamans believe in magic. Shamans don’t use philosophy but cosmic intelligence. Shamans manifest Spiritual guidance. Shamans love, cry & laugh.
  • Shamans believe in the Universal Love of One.

Book a Shamanic (distans) Healing med Light Language via email and the meeting is via whatsapp/skype.

- We welcome you with Love & Light

”Anna is precious, and makes a change in the world."

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