Shamanic healing has been successfully used for thousands of years to help people miraculously heal trauma, emotional pain, blocking, diseases and stress. In the Shamanic tradition, it is said that there are three worlds; the earthly world that we all know about and which is tied to our personality and ego. The underground Mother Earth world associated with nature's magical powers and our unique Soul. The celestial world connected with angels, light beings and our Spirit. Schamans can then travel to the different worlds to transport and bring power to their clients. Shamanism works with the non-ordinary reality and is guided from the present moment by the spirit world.

The technique of Shamanic healing allows us to discover more about who we are. It provides us with information from the inner Self. Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that existed before religion, and it's wisdom is very ancient, how to connect with nature and all of Creation, a way of life. Shamanic Healing is like therapy for the soul and to find deep prosperous and peace. The healing involves finding its true essence of vitality and becoming aware of the mystery of life and the magic of nature.

Shamans believe that, for true healing, one cannot simply mask and suppress these effects, or symptoms, with medication — they believe that we must address the root cause. The root cause is something far beyond viruses, bacteria, and brain chemistry; the root cause comes from the internal, non-physical realm: the Spirit. From a shamanistic perspective, there are 3 classic causes of mental, emotional, and physical illness: disharmony, fear and blocked feelings.
Shamanic healing addresses the root — the spiritual — problems that cause dis-ease.
Let me be your guide a moment, for you to allow contact with your inner wisdom, love and healing.
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"What you seek is seeking You"


  • Gives healthy strength and awakens new insights and intuitive abilities
  • Release previous fear, trauma, anxiety and other unbalance
  • Assists long-term stress, pain, grief, anxiety, depression
  • Support the past, presence and future
  • Good against fatigue, insomnia, worry and discomfort
  • Heals all levels: Bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Opens up for spiritual experience
  • Shamanic Healing can never harm
  • Healing is a feeling of fullness and at home. To have someone helping on the way can be like having a guided light back home

The treatment is accomplish fully dressed in comfortable and loose-fitting clothing on a soft floor mat or massage table. You relax in a lying or sitting position, my hands are held in different positions above your body. I also use music, drum and LIGHT LANGUAGE to get a deeper connection. Shamanic healing is based on releasing past blocking, finding the cause of the problem/pain and then replacing with new life force, so the self-healing of your own body-system opens up in a natural way.
If you have any ongoing medical treatment and prescription from a doctor, continue with this, always speak and get advice from your doctor before adjusting any kind of medical treatment. Healing is a support for your medical problem/pain and can never harm in any direction.
- We welcome you with Love & Light

PRICE (OBS, Only DISTANCE HEALING from Oct 2019, email booking) 
60 min – 800 SEK
90 min – 1000 SEK
Price in a package (Shamanic Healing, Reiki) 3 x 90 min healing-session 2700 SEK. (normal price 3000 SEK)

90 min, two person – 10 % = 1800 SEK for 2 person.
3 hour, one person 2000 SEK, for two person – 10 % = 3600 SEK for 2 person.

Distance Healing (need your name and photo or telefon/skype/whats app) 30 min 450 SEK, 60 min 800 SEK. Price in a package 3 x 60 min 2160 SEK (normal price 2400 SEK)
Spiritual cleansing, 2200 SEK (ca 2-3 hour, incl healing) + compensation for driving.

Treatment/Healing at your home (ca 1-2 hour) 2200 SEK within 10 mils/ToR distance. If you live outside 10 mils radius compensation for driving will be added. Value added tax is included.

”I sleep better and my pain sensensations has disappeared thanks to Annas's Healing."