Lemuria is the term of different kinds of geographical theories and areas derived from the regions around Pacific Ocean, also known as the Motherland Mu or The Lost Continent of the Pacific. This ancient civilization, symbolizing two different aspects of our consciousness and the culture of Lemuria tribes about 4,500,000 to 200,000 B.C. It is also mentioned in Rig Veda about the "three continents that were", where Lemuria is one, Atlanis the other and Danavas the third.

Lemuria is also a blooming, crystal like civilisation, in our parallel worlds, were no dualism is possible and only unconditional love is the way of existence. A sensation of equanimity and the way of letting the soul find its home. Meet Anna and learn how to navigate in different worlds, get help to remember who you are, heal past trauma, find the happiness within you and understand the love and light you are. This is all possible because you are very important to this world and a part af the ascension you and Mother Earth is discover in this timeline.

Welcome to book a Shamanic (distance) Healing with multidimensional Light Languages via email and we meet up on WhatsApp/Skype.

"Arcturians - fifth dimensional and higher star race"


An information we all have within us. What we read is just knowledge that is repeated. If man learns to silence his mind and let the personality become a frame of human form, then all the information is needed. Wisdom is the intelligence that man receives through the pineal gland through his DNA and reflects through the heart center as a Light information. This amazing Akashic Records that tells us the origin of finding our meaning and purpose here on Mother Earth.

The Arcturians, are a fifth dimensional and higher star race. They were among the first Galactics to send their seeds of consciousness into the life forms of planet Earth. And they came to you to deliver this message. We encourage all of you to remember your Galactic Family. The Arcturians always have loving and caring teaching and message, but very precise and correct. Humans perceive information of Light, though consciousness while meditate or in the dreamtime. Most humans are still in the third dimensional consciousness but as we all are a participant of the Universal shift of a dimensional and frequency change, more and more humans open up their ability to fifth dimensional consciousness.

Many of the humans have taken incarnations on surface Earth and need to dust off the forgetfulness and separation. It is NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. The Arturians come to remind us that we have many expressions of our Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Earth, different planets and in other galaxies.

Most of our galactic expressions live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love.

Anna, has practised her consciousness for many years and are happy to activate healing transmitting with Light Language from the Arcturian and Galactic Federation.

Book a Shamanic (distans) Healing with Light Language via email and the meeting via whatsapp/skype.

"Meeting with Anna opened up my inner eye."

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