A healingcenter for you to discover and connect with your inner essence. We offer Shamanic healing with Light Language, Healingcourse, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and other Spiritual Essential Rituals. Our intention is to introduce you into deep recovery, DNA activation, self-development and ascension. To relearn how to navigate with your heart and awake your inner language of spiritual wisdom. A magical place for you to rest from the outer world and explore your inner realm and allow a comfortable feeling of calmness & inner peace. Yoga & healing is not a religion or sect-tradition but we at Lemuria Healingcenter believe that we are all equal and that galactic unconditional love is our path to happiness & harmony.

"Equanimity arises when we accept the way things are"


Lemuria is the term of different kinds of geographical theories and areas derived from the regions around Pacific Ocean, also known as the Motherland Mu or The Lost Continent of the Pacific. This ancient civilization, symbolizing two different aspects of our consciousness and the culture of Lemuria tribes about 4,500,000 to 200,000 B.C. It is also mentioned in Rig Veda about the "three continents that were", where Lemuria is one, Atlanis the other and Danavas the third.

How do we get this information? It is an understanding of our self. An incarnation of an infinite cycle. Anna received Lemuria information through a deep meditation. Just because the information is not clear in a science book does not mean that it has been lost forever. In the higher vibration of our consciousness we can get the desired information we need and already have. This ability and transmitting is something we bring to life in our upcoming Samasthiticoach® Healing course and/or other events/healing. Legend says that Lemuria is the integration of all duality into one - Something that has been awakened and caught in Annas reflection for many years as a Creation of the Lemuria Healingcenter - The being as one Unity, the truth, the love.

Lemuria Healingcenter is a place for deep recovery, soul-healing and rest in the sensation of getting home. In our Calendar you will find our offers such as yoga courses, guided meditation, spiritual retreat, Sound healing circle, Healing course Samasthiticoach® and Shamanic healing. It is also possible to create your own retreat/course according to your wishes and our recommendations; Samasthitiweek, we adjust a personal program, repair deeply  of mind and soul (trauma, fatigue, depression etc.). Or just arrive and enjoy a weekend/day of silence & peace.

The Lemuria Healingcenter, located in Skåne, between Trelleborg and Höllviken and about 2.5 km from Malmö, is happily surrounded by divine and wonderful Nature and the sea as a neighbor. The beautiful little garden with the most wonderful surroundings. Meditative relaxing walks along the beach. The small harbor where we meet organic sales and artistic visitors. The morning often offers bird song and seals that sunbathing on the rocks in the ocean. The afternoon is fabulous with soft yoga to sunset and that nice sleep to sounds from nature.

There is an overnight room with four beds and shared toilet/shower as well as a greenhouse with one bed. Price overnight accommodation or sleeping in the greenhouse (for near-nature-feeling) for long-distance travel, 600 SEK/night/person, include healthy herbal tea and breakfast.
We also offer "nightly" in the greenhouse close to nature and healing from Reiki. You wake up to the power of heaven above you and the foundation earth's whispering whisper, price SEK 600/night, include healthy herbal tea and breakfast.

Local Transport info from Malmö/Trelleborg to Skåre around 60 SEK/person/one way.
Alt 1: Malmö Central 146 to Trelleborg, åk till Maglarp, 36 min, walk till Skåre 40 min/3 km or we pick you up by car (50 SEK/one way).
Alt 2: Malmö Central 100 to Höllviken Centrum, 35 min, 152 to Höllviken Stenbocks väg 6 min, walk to Skåre 60 min/5,5 km or picked up by taxi/car.
Alt 3: Malmö Central 146 to Trelleborg Centrum, book 182 taxi Call 0771-77 44 99 latest 2 hours before pickup, bus price, walk 3 min Blenheimsvägen 6.

Arrive by car to Blenheimsvägen 6: Five parking spaces at the exit directly to the left from Kämpingevägen. Two parking spaces next to the front of the house and two parking spaces in the driveway. Please do not park in front of neighbours gardens and think about driving slowly with respect and kindness towards everyone. You can also arrive by bike and walking.

Bring own bed linen or rent for 50 SEK/set. Parking is within walking distance. Also available nearby Campus Area 100 meters & Lotsvillan Hostel 11 km.

Read about coming ceremony/course/retreat/price i Calendar
Read about Anna Brus, owner, creator and spiritual teacher.
- We welcome you with Love & Light

"Lemuria - the mythical continent & motherland MU"

"Meeting with Anna opened up my inner eye."

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