Guided Meditation Courses, taught as an exercise to improve health, reduce possible pain, embody self-esteem and invite peace of mind, strengthening for the psyche and soul, and inviting to raise the frequency of consciousness. Guided Meditation is also included in all yoga, retreats and courses.

Meet Anna Brus, the woman with several years of experience in meditation and as certified yoga teacher E-RYT 500h, Spiritual teacher, KarunaReiki®Master, practicing Shamanic and healer, who believe in magic and that we will meet the power of healing in presence. Guided Meditation course taught mix Eng/Swe. Bring your own cushion or borrow at our place.
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"Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers."


Guided meditation course requires no prior knowledge and fits all.
Guided meditation gives you support for the following:

  • Finding a comfortable meditation posture that works for you
  • Learning some basic techniques to invite your mind to relax into a natural state
  • Learning about meditation as a natural baseline for the mind
  • How to use meditation in the daily life
  • Each session makes room for clarification and dialogue after the session
  • You adjust and deepen your practice in your own pace
  • Explore a higher state of consciousness
  • Possible to release past trauma, blocking & pain
  • Awake your spiritual awareness
  • Practice to invite inner peace & to Love your Meditation

"Meditation with Anna is a inner journey of realising and renewing."

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