Light Language is a spiritual way of communicating and activate balancing quality to arise HEALING towards you. Anna’s channeling encourages to re-mem-ber the true nature & develop our unique soul expressions to manifest the creative lifestyle of everyones unique dreams. She continues to regularly build stronger connection with the Federation of Stars & the Arcturian teachings and love to share her experiences and presence. Anna's passion to inspire and bridging ancient wisdom into healthy living is authentic and vibrating. The Flow of Now of One.

Anna channels her powerful service of HEALING LIGHT TRANSMITTING, in one-to-one sessions, smaller circles and bigger groups, as her Samasthitiyoga®, Guided Meditation or/and her Samasthiticoach® Healing course. Every session is supporting you as a human, heal past trauma, increase soul-recovery, your spiritual growth towards ascension as well as heal our planet Earth.
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Partners & Testimonials

"I have so much gratitude and respect for Anna. Her gift as a teacher, healer and medicine woman is so needed and appreciated.”
”After a Shamanic Drum ceremony, sitting in a circle, I can honesty say Anna is a true Master. She holds such a confidence of sacred space as well as honouring the healing process in each individual.”
”Anna's spirit and presence are always powerful, and her yoga so beautiful, effective and balanced. Her healing is something we all want, invigorating, wonderful and like stepping into another dimension.”
”I didn't believe in distance healing until I received Anna's presence and authenticity with her Light Language, it's like magic.”

"Very interesting Light Language healing for me as I felt energy in my teeth. Like karma being released from their density. Thank you so much Anna."



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