Welcome to a inner journey

Spirituality has been used for thousands of years to activate and restore inner wisdom. We want to offer you deep recovery, self-development and ascension. Courses and treatments in Shaman healing, Light Language, Yoga, Meditation, Ceremonies, Reiki and Spiritual rituals awake repairing effects on your DNA and the ability to explore your spiritual essence. The Flow of the Now of the One.

Lemuria Healingcenter is physically closed and is now globally and our Shamanic Healing with Light Language is a Distance service. Our Samasthiticoach healingcourse is bookable, Samasthitiyoga and Light Language Transmitting is soon available as a member privilege. Yoga & healing is not a religion or sect-tradition, we believe that we're all equal and that galactic unconditional love is our path to happiness & harmony. Welcome to explore the spiritual path, transmitting, inner healing and our universal innate connection.

Partners & Testimonials

"I have so much gratitude and respect for Anna. Her gift as a teacher, healer and medicine woman is so needed and appreciated.”
”After a ceremony and sitting in a circle, I can honesty say Anna is a true Master. She holds such a confidence of sacred space as well as honouring the process in each individual.”
”Just been on a wonderful ceremony with Anna and therefore would like to recommend her classes. She is a lovely person and an inspiring yoga teacher.”
”Anna’s ceremonies makes me feel like coming home. And her presence and authenticity is like magic.”




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