Invitation to your Multidimensional being


Embody Stargates – taught as a ten week course Virtually or at Lemuria Healing center in south Sweden – channeled by Anna Brus.

An opportunity to be guided by intelligent beings from The Galactic Federation and other Galaxies to activate your innate potential.

Taught as a training to lift your frequency of consciousness as a result of deep Self-healing, discover your Soul mission, balance the Feminine and Masculine, open to your multidimensional capacity, heal Ego from past trauma and fear, embody self-esteem and an invitation to meet your Spirit Guides and ignite Your higher Self purpose.

The Training is based on;
The present moment
Guidance of multidimensional practises
Healthy body movements
Guided meditation and beyond 
Exercises to stimulate pineal gland
Shaman rituals & Visualisation
Light Language activation
Opening of Akashic Records
Receive teachings from intelligent higher dimensions and Helping Spirits.
Initiating Stargates
Awaken your Starseed origin
Singing & Sounds 

Drum and sounds from Vibrations, a common tradition within Shamanism and are highly transformative, meditative, revolutionary, and opened to your spiritual realm. The vibration from a shamandrum leads you into a deeper and altered state of consciousness. The vibration takes you on a journey into other worlds and dimension.
You get a fantastic opportunity to root and anchor your Self, and to awaken more of your innate Soul purpose. You open up for wisdom and healing powers from Mother Earth and travel deeper into your heart and Stargates.

Light Language Transmitting that will open up portals for your to remember and receive new insights. Guidance that is DNA activating and very powerful and vitalising on a cellular level. Prepare for a journey beyond body and mind, allow consciousness for a journey to receive new information towards your DNA and cell-memory, as you are a multidimensional being. 

What do we really mean about DNA activation? We believe a better descriptive phrase here might be,‘DNA RE-CONNECTION’ as the main 12 strands in the physical container are re-coded by Cosmic GAMMA LIGHT DATA, They naturally form a new geometric growth pathway and literally plug themselves back into one of the corresponding resonant. Advanced Cosmic Data (AKASHIC-LIGHT) starts flowing through the cells of the DNA strand, then out through central nervous system and all throughout the body. Though there are 12 primary strands primary DNA strands of DNA filaments, there are trillions of tine Crystalline Gossemer threads called ‘NADIS’ that carry this Cosmic energy through the body where it is then decoded and perceived in magnificent ways by being that inhabits the human body. On the Stargate Initiating we explore beyond the limitation of Ego and the possibility to go even deeper, like what is going on at the sub-cellular-atomic level in your DNA when a Gamma Light wave contacts your Auric Field?  

Anna is a channel of Light codes, and have an innate telepathic skill to invite intelligent Guides/Spirits/Angels so that you can perceive teachings through Your higher Self, towards your Highest good and towards the Highest good for our Mother Gaia. All elements of nature (moon, sun, earth, water, air, fire) are involved as well as the four point of compass, and the Golden ray, Violet ray and Green ray. Initiation and ascension is invited. Prepare your life on a journey towards the fifth dimension and beyond. Each session is unique and new insights and responses are invited.

This course is advanced and you need to feel guided and be prepared for deep work, taught mix Eng/Swe.
With professional intuitive guidance you can feel safe on the mysterious journey and DNA upgrade.

Welcome to your path towards 5th dimension of harmony and freedom to our Earth, Universe and all beings.
Annas courses/Healing is best complement to any other medical or mental care but is not replacable. Always concult your doctor if in need of medical advise.
Annas first awakening was around 2007, her first meeting with an extraterrestrial changed her life totally. Today she is a Shaman healer, certified yoga teacher E-RYT 500h, Light Language & Galactic Medium and KarunaReiki®Master. With several years of experience in meditation, she has opened up her innate telepathic communication with the Galactic Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans and Andromedan. 
Her teachings is essential and esoteric but grounded and applicable to life. She is sharing the most ancient tradition and truth as alchemy and quantum-physics. If you believe that consciousness is the fundamental reality, then this course is for you!

Meet Anna Brus, a medicine woman who sees with her heart and believe in our Global connection and Universal truth of The flow of Now and One.

Stay tuned for future Course,
Samasthiticoach®Healing course – November 2020
Learning Light Language – March 2021

"Your pineal gland is your doorway to the Stargates."


Stargate Initiating course requires no prior knowledge but an interest and an guidance of opening your true potential with an attitude of love, compassion and respect.
Stargate Initiating gives you support for the following:

  • Learning techniques to invite your mind to relax into a natural state
  • Perceive Light Language Transmitting
  • Receive tools to manifest in daily life practise
  • Multidimensional Practises & Healthy movements
  • Equalise your brain waves as a result of deep healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Third Eye (pineal gland) stimulating
  • Shaman rituals & visualisation
  • Opening of Akashic Records
  • Receive teachings from Intelligent Higher Rooms
  • Lift your frequency of Consciousness
  • Explore your Higher Self & Starseed origin
  • Possible to release past trauma and pain
  • Ascension
  • Unify with unconditional Love






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