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Anna Brus serves our Planet and humanity with DNA activation, Shamanic Healing and communicates multidimensional Light Languages. As kundalini activation, spiritual awakening and a fateful extraterrestrial contact experience a few years ago, Anna evolved to her true star lineage and authenticity. Through her ancestral connection she has been receiving downloads, information and universal spiritual knowledge ever since.

Today she use Shaman rituals, and have Helping Spirits to extract cellular trauma, reptilian consciousness and other blocknings. Her 12 strand of DNA has activated through several awakening, she channel intelligence from 12D and beyond; physical healing from Sirian, emotional healing from Pleiadian, wisdom healing from Arcturian, frequency healing from Andromeda and source message from Lyra. Anna is also a certified Yogateacher E-RYT 500h, KarunaReiki®Master and loves to share her mission of healing, teaching and awaking of your Soul-potential into this lifetime. Her work is essential and esoteric but grounded and applicable to life. You can connect with Anna through her PRIVATE HEALING or her Healing Courses.

All her work is powerful healing tools towards equilibrium, self-development, soul healing, Self mastery, awakening and ascension. Anna use the ancient Shamanic tradition but also her innate gift as a channel for the Galactic Federation, her own practise of total awareness, vibrational sounds and the importance to connect with Nature, Mother Gaia and communicate with other Universes.

Anna has a powerful trust to the inter dimensional truth of spirit and oneness, she wish to manifest and support humans and MOTHER GAIA on the awakening path towards ascension. She channels the Language of Light, which are transformational Creation codes and information that further align you with your consciousness and 12 strand DNA and beyond.

~ Throughout my life I have been interested in health and self-development, which supported me to come out of trauma and many years of shadow work of toxic stress and fear. For over 20 years I’ve merged deep within and support many humans towards healthy balance and freedom of body and mind. My psychic abilities and Star connections is an innate gift but was left behind for many years. I have accumulated many educations and explored my body, ascension, psyche and inner capacity. With humbleness and respect I still merge and integrate my daily extraterrestrial downloads.

~ We’re many Light worker/starseeds on Earth to support our collective consciousness, to remember our true innate information on a cellular level. We assist each other and Gaia in our individual and Global Healing process.

Welcome to open your own innate journey towards a stronger, healthier and more insightful life, where Spirituality meets the Fundamental truth.

Please contact Anna för consultation, information and booking. And welcome to check our CALENDAR for courses & price information.

"When you see God in everything, then you know what God is."


Anna have been psychic and a seer since she was a child and took her deep into her inner sight and exploring various mental and spiritual techniques. Anna receive telepathic messages from the Arcturians and the Galactic Federation, she has incarnations from star system as Lyra, Andromeda, Arcturian and Pleiadian.

~ When humans practise the ancient Shamanism, Meditation, Healing, the Language of Light and Yoga, gives the sensation of coming home, because it shifts our consciousness into a state of 5th dimension and beyond. You are called to CONTACT ME.

I will help you manifest your truth of Nature as a part of remembering your Spiritual path. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to open up space for your support to free your self, from past trauma and separation, your own remembrance as a  multidimensional being, to discover your true potential of uniqueness. I am a Light-worker/Starseed and want to express the truth and divine power we all have within. 

I Warmly Welcome you!

From my Heart, with Love & Light
~ Anna ~

My innate psychic abilities was easy to notice, always loved nature as well as animals, to be on my own, often liked to observe people in silence and my longing to support, teach and lift others in life. I frequently had out-of-body experiences as a child, hearing and seeing “ghosts” very close to me, and also could feel others fear and pain. At that moment I was very frighten and tried to close it. I started to “practise” to be like others. I was embarrassed to be different.

In my late teenage and early twenties I remember myself moving my hand in different ways as symbols of Light Language. As I denied in that phase. I always felt a strong support from a higher frequency. As years went by I got more and more confused, stressed and filled with anxiety. Besides that I always lived my life with lots of joy, curiosity and discretion. Always searching for answers.

Finally yoga came as a salvation. The experience I adopted was a different feeling from they way I use to live my life; fast, unaware, confused, stressful, with tensions and inner fear, questioning. A profound revolutionary force inside of me awakened a tipping point I could not deny. Things started to change.

A couple of year later, I was happy to drop-of my ungrounded life to the unknown and the beneficial path of yoga, meditation, healing & spirituality. With determination I started my teachertrainings, pilgrimages and meditation throughout the world including several trips to the East and South-America to fully immerse in the studies and practices of yoga, mental training and spiritual initiations. Big shifts through Vipassana Meditation, Self hypnosis course, education as KarunaReiki®Master and as a Shamanic practitioner.

Besides my years of Spiritual practise and teacher trainings I am also an authorised assistant nurse, an educated public officer, journalist and mother of two.

Today I can look at my past as a teacher and with love and gratitude to my initiation with various masters as detoxing, refining and I have deep respect and gratitude towards every detail of ascension that has been, and is appearing in life.

I received one of my first initiation into yoga in 2005 during an evening class in Sweden. At first yoga was a way to exercise my body, but very fast I realized yoga is to equilibrate the body with mind and spirit. Today Yoga is a constant meeting with Divinity and my Higher Self.

Yoga has gratefully given me a puzzle of who I am. I believe the value of yoga is resting in the stillness of awareness, breathe and peace. I am the founder of Samasthitiyoga and owner of two yoga/meditation centers; Lemuria Healing Center (ex-Blenheim Retreat) in Skåre south Sweden and Samasthiti Retreat Thailand (no longer in use). My teachings are based on integral consciousness that combines hatha yoga, qigong, yang/yin, yoga anatomy, Shamanic rituals, Reiki Healing, breathe work, mantra, meditation and the power of practise spiritual essential rituals. My yoga ’style’ will invite to open up your module towards equanimity, upekkha and balance. When I teach I channel with the spiritual realm for higher vibrating energy to pass through.

You will explore my yoga during my retreats/courses or in private sessions.

I highly recommended my Learning Light Language & Shamanic Rituals, Samasthiticoach® Healing course and Shamanic Light Language Healing. 

My yoga journey became a journey back towards my self. Thanks to yoga I was guided towards my awakening seated meditation Vipassana and my curiosity about my psyche, hypnosis and Reiki. Suddenly I was on my way to the Native Americans in the spiritual culture of magic land Peru to explore an ayahuasca healing ceremony. Meetings with professional Shamans clearing my blockings, past fear and pain. Enlightenment. Reborn. Soul-healing.

With this multiple awakening I am guided from a higher dimension and nowadays I am proud to study the profound core Shamanism. This ancient true practise has open up gateways towards 5th dimension and beyond.

As a Shamanic practitioner I´m constantly aware of my spirit and offer professional authentic Shamanic Healing as well as Distance Healing and Healing in large groups. My many initiating ascensions has changed my frequency of consciousness. I can now put myself into altered state of consciousness to transform myself to the spiritual realm as well as have a channel connection with my guides and helping spirits and higher self.

Read more about Shamanism.


The Language of light was shown as a sign of unconditional love, and suddenly I began to remember and got insights about who I am. I knew from my mother tongue that I always spoke this ancient language of light. In the beginning I was embarrassed in general. I asked my guides what happened. They didn’t want to tell me right away. It was my journey of trust and courage to me, because it was not something I normally used to do.

Confidence grew and all shame and mistrust have now been erased. The light language is an energy and communication from my heart center, hand and eyes and I can experience God’s love as a streak of light through me to people (or animals) during healing treatments or in the offered healing circle with amazing individual results and transforming experiences.

Read more about Shamanic Light Language Healing.


I live my life as I teach. Deep from my authentic self and heart. But its been a long healing-process. A big experience of Shadow work in my sub-consciousness. Like a process of time in which I abstained from or liberated the body of toxic and unhealthy patterns, substances, emotions and thoughts. I cleared my ancestral Star-patterns. Much of its clarity is within the trust of the unknown and subconsciousness; breaking through mental barriers by activating healthy heart frequencies. An endless, intresseting and very productive healing-process.

Today I am guided from Lemuria and our ancestral star-race Arcturian, Sirian B, Lyrian and Pleiadians the fifth dimension and beyond. I have not been studied the Language of Light, its been taught from my guides as a transformational healing code and information that further unifies us with our Soul and Essence. Was then guided to Jamye Price and some other older women who practiced Light Language many years. This to get more grounded information what really happen during our authentic meeting with spiritual and extraterrestrial contacts.

My aim for now and the future is to share my faith, creativity, commitment and inspiration, and my total faith in that Light and divine Love we all have within. To give kindness and Light and unconditional Love – to everyone.

– Shamanic Advanced 3-Year Training Sep 2018-2021, Bali FSS Core Shamanism
– Light Language Training, Stockholm June 2019, Jamye Price
– Holy Fire® III Usui Reiki, Feb 2019, Reiki.org
– Lemuria Healingcenter, Founder/creator 2018-2020, Trelleborg Sweden
– KarunaReiki®Master Holy Fire II, April 2018, Secourong Göteborg
– Shamanic Training 2018, Thailand FSS Core Shamanism
– Hope foundation Yoga/Donation Project, January 2018, Kolkata India 
– Certified Reiki Master May 2017, Sweden
– Shamanic Ayahuasca Healing Course April 2017, Peru
– Reiki Art III Education April 2017, Sweden
– 50-hours Immersion Yang/yin with Simon Low March 2017, Koh Samui
– Angkor Vat Healing, December 2016, Cambodia
– Self-Hypnosis Education Aug 2016, Sweden
– 50-hours Immersion Yang/yin with Simon Low June 2016, Turkey
– 50-hours Yoga teaching, January 2016, Louang Prabang
– 40-hours Immersion (incl Iyengar) with Simon Low Nov 2015, Spain
– Holy Fire Reiki healer Step I+II Education July 2015, Sweden
– 50-hours Immersion Yang/yin with Simon Low April 2015 Bali
– 50-hours Immersion Yang/yin with Simon Low Nov 2014 England
– 50-hours Immersion Yang/yin with Simon Low Jan 2014 Koh Samui
– Samasthitiretreat Founder/creator 2014-2020, Rayong Thailand
– Vipassana at Doi Suthep Chiang Mai, Mahasi Sayadaw’s teachings, Feb 2012
– Anusara Immersion I,II,III (150-hours) Jonas Westring, Jan-Feb 2012 Chiang Mai
– Sivananda Retreat, Dec 2011 in Kerala, India
– Yogatraining with SV Yogastudio Thailand
– Jivamukti with Karl Straub, Aug 2011 Sweden
– Vipassana meditation course, S.N. Goenka style, June 2011 Sweden
– Anusara Therapy Training with John Friend, May 2011 Sydney
– Anusara Workshops yoga with John Friend and Jordan Bloom, May 2011 Sidney
– RYT 200h education in Viryayoga, 2010 Sweden
– Yinyoga, Hathayoga training with different Masters, 2005-
– Before 2005, Public Relation officer, Journalist, Assistant Nurse, several educations within writing, technology and healthcare. 

we are strong
no fear
only freedom
as One

I will always try my best,
to be kind, honest and loving
in words, thought and actions,
towards myself and all other beings.

May We,
All live in good health,
May we all have peace,
May we all be filled with divine love.


From my Heart with Love
~ Anna






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