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Cure Night

We offer you a curing night (or several) in the greenhouse as naturemedicin and magic from Reiki. You wake up to the powerful sky and the grounding wisper from Mother Earth.
Price 500 Skr/night include e big cup of herbaltea.

More info about Blenheim Retreat in South Sweden.

Cure Night in Greenhouse at Blenheim Retreat

Article Local News

A place free from performance, a place for silence and peace @ Blenheim Retreat Sweden.

Thanks to the local paper Trelleborgs Allehanda!

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Fall/winter Events

Fall & Winter Spiritual events/retreat/course with Yogabrus

Toplist Blenheim Retreat

Welcome to Blenheim Retreat​ in Skåre South Sweden (a small perfect beautiful harbour village) between Malmö and Trelleborg, listed as one of the best Yoga- Mindfulness Retreat in Sweden.
Thank you SportHälsa​ & everyone who made this article possible🙏🏽

Bookable courses/weekends/treatments within yoga, meditation, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential rituals for recovery, equilibrium and wellbeing.
June 21, Opening Ceremony Blenheim Retreat​, e-mail interest to

Love & Light, see you soon!



Opening Ceremony Blenheim Retreat

Blenheim Retreat

With open arms I invite you to my home & yoga/meditation/healing house. The amazing BLENHEIM RETREAT, a paradise in Skåne between Trelleborg and Höllviken and about 2,5 miles from Malmö, WELCOME you with a its golden heart.
OPEN HOUSE / INAUGURATION in June, more info soon! Already bookable events,

Blenheim Retreat offer:
Yogaretreat/Yogaklasser/Workshops, Samasthitiyoga*
Courses/Education & Guidade meditation
Relaxing treatments within Shamanic Reiki Healing
Events, recovering, rest & strolling along the freeing beach.
Enjoy meals surrounded by healing ocean and nature. Updated Calendar…

Reiki & Shamanism

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a feeling and clear intuition that my helping spirits wanted to assit a chosen person/client (we call him mr O). I happen to know that mr O a few days earlier had an accident, became unconscious and mr O status is unfortunately coma at the local hospital. I contacted his family members to explain and get approval to give Shamanic Reiki healing (I never give this ‘type’ of healing without approval from the client or relative).
First, my inner guide said, Yes! … then doubts… What am I doing… Can I do this? I use to do one to one healing in home environment. I’ve never before given healing in a hospital, in public, in a foreign country, in front of ‘audience’ and also to a coma client of another nationality.
Then the inner guide said; Of course you can! Do not doubt! Trust!

The family approved and I started with healing at a distance from my home. It became enormously powerful and I was later told that the mr O pulse had changed to the better.
I then went to the hospital and continued the process of healing…

I am a Reiki Master and also trained in Core Shamanism and I experience a vast sublime power of the combination. I use Reiki to open up and prepare for light, in Shamanism we use journeying (Eastern doctrine calls this Astral traveling) to the non-ordinary reality, we do Extractions (similar to psychic surgery, a method of removing something that doesn’t belong) and then Power and Soul Portion Retrieval, in the end of session I seal with Reiki symbols, vibrations of Light and Love.
I have today continued healing at a distance to Mr O, using crystal and Reiki symbols.

The body and the trauma better be healed before the soul wants to retrieval. My helping spirits support the spirit of mr O to repair body and trauma and then it’s up to the client’s soul if wants to return into the body. Each soul must decide. Within Shamanism and Reiki, we never force someone/something to return, instead letting nature heal and time to show its results. As a healer I am an open channel for spiritual assistance. Always deeply grateful for the guidance, power, light and support I receive from my helping spirits. This method can never harm and always gives supports and serenity in the process.

I want to share this experience with you for two reasons; first to never doubt in yourself, maybe you are a Reiki or Shamanic practitioner (or any branch of therapeutic healing) and I would say trust your practise and try overcome a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Perhaps need new knowledge from a different perspective, check out my events/yogaretreat/Reikicourse. And soon Samasthiti Thou Art will open up new doors for education within yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and much more…
Second, if you or someone you know need a Shamanic Reiki Healing session I am here to assist; in trust, confidence and Love.

Light & Love xx/Anna has a good article about Reiki & Shamanic healing.

Machu Picchu, a moment of awakening and the healing touch from Nature


Soon its SPRING and I’m on my way from Asia back to Sweden!
Now planning all my future yoga/meditation/reiki-events/courses and Workshop (a new one in ‘Out of Body experience’). For this year I suggest you pay extra attention to SAMASTHITI THOU ART – Yoga Education for You. This Education/School is still a secret, so don´t tell anyone! or tell everyone! It’s in progress and I invite you more in next email, but already readable info on here.

You’ll also find records about upcoming events, so don’t forget to book your yearly yoga, reiki-course, retreat, healing, and I can promise it’s like a ‘KICK-OFF’ for your self. Every teaching from me is a moment for you to let go/release from any past blocking and to gain new power of health for your presence and prospective future.

I am deeply Grateful towards you who patiently keep practise yoga with me, for you who’s no longer practice yoga with me but still read my email, to you I haven’t yet met, to my family which share their wisdom & love, for all my teachers who’s been an outer support and all my non-human guides that instruct, and still assist me how to be my self and how to live my life intuitively. It’s also with profound gratefulness I got this possibility in life to share and support you and all other living beings that want to explore my way of teaching, and my opportunity to guide you towards equilibrium and inner peace. I bow in deep gratitude!

Samasthiti Thou Art is a creation of samasthitiyoga/qigong movements, meditation, philosophy, mantra, mudra, chakra, breathework, Initiating, Spiritual guidance, Thaiyogamassage, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential spiritual rituals that educates our mind & support our life-journey. 

– SAMASTHITI ‘THOU ART’ – tradition from the Upanishads address you and declare the divine phrase meaning ‘you are’ – referring to the unseen You


Welcome to your yearly Samasthitiyoga/course/retreat – I bow in Gratitude 

Be Energy

”Let us be the energy we want to absorb.”

Looking forward to meet you in any of my upcoming courses! This photo from amazing environment Ciovo (outside Split) We gather in a blissful and selfdeveloping yogacourse – MAY 9-16 or SEP 5-12.
A week filled with yoga, spirituality, joy and relaxation, but sometimes partly tough. To develop and heal we need to contact with our inside. We can release blockings and less good memories. To see the light we have to let go of the darkness… Might meet discomfort, but our purpose is to guide you with confidence, love and professional details.
We serve delicious, organic vegetarian food and the Adriatic Sea just a few meter from our Yogashala. On your time-of we offer you treatment as Shamanic-reiki-healing or Aromatherapymassage.
Welcome to a divine journey for your body, mind and spirit 😇

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