Reiki & Shamanism

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a feeling and clear intuition that my helping spirits wanted to assit a chosen person/client (we call him mr O). I happen to know that mr O a few days earlier had an accident, became unconscious and mr O status is unfortunately coma at the local hospital. I contacted his family members to explain and get approval to give Shamanic Reiki healing (I never give this ‘type’ of healing without approval from the client or relative).
First, my inner guide said, Yes! … then doubts… What am I doing… Can I do this? I use to do one to one healing in home environment. I’ve never before given healing in a hospital, in public, in a foreign country, in front of ‘audience’ and also to a coma client of another nationality.
Then the inner guide said; Of course you can! Do not doubt! Trust!

The family approved and I started with healing at a distance from my home. It became enormously powerful and I was later told that the mr O pulse had changed to the better.
I then went to the hospital and continued the process of healing…

I am a Reiki Master and also trained in Core Shamanism and I experience a vast sublime power of the combination. I use Reiki to open up and prepare for light, in Shamanism we use journeying (Eastern doctrine calls this Astral traveling) to the non-ordinary reality, we do Extractions (similar to psychic surgery, a method of removing something that doesn’t belong) and then Power and Soul Portion Retrieval, in the end of session I seal with Reiki symbols, vibrations of Light and Love.
I have today continued healing at a distance to Mr O, using crystal and Reiki symbols.

The body and the trauma better be healed before the soul wants to retrieval. My helping spirits support the spirit of mr O to repair body and trauma and then it’s up to the client’s soul if wants to return into the body. Each soul must decide. Within Shamanism and Reiki, we never force someone/something to return, instead letting nature heal and time to show its results. As a healer I am an open channel for spiritual assistance. Always deeply grateful for the guidance, power, light and support I receive from my helping spirits. This method can never harm and always gives supports and serenity in the process.

I want to share this experience with you for two reasons; first to never doubt in yourself, maybe you are a Reiki or Shamanic practitioner (or any branch of therapeutic healing) and I would say trust your practise and try overcome a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Perhaps need new knowledge from a different perspective, check out my events/yogaretreat/Reikicourse. And soon Samasthiti Thou Art will open up new doors for education within yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and much more…
Second, if you or someone you know need a Shamanic Reiki Healing session I am here to assist; in trust, confidence and Love.

Light & Love xx/Anna has a good article about Reiki & Shamanic healing.

Machu Picchu, a moment of awakening and the healing touch from Nature

Be Energy

”Let us be the energy we want to absorb.”

Looking forward to meet you in any of my upcoming courses! This photo from amazing environment Ciovo (outside Split) We gather in a blissful and selfdeveloping yogacourse – MAY 9-16 or SEP 5-12.
A week filled with yoga, spirituality, joy and relaxation, but sometimes partly tough. To develop and heal we need to contact with our inside. We can release blockings and less good memories. To see the light we have to let go of the darkness… Might meet discomfort, but our purpose is to guide you with confidence, love and professional details.
We serve delicious, organic vegetarian food and the Adriatic Sea just a few meter from our Yogashala. On your time-of we offer you treatment as Shamanic-reiki-healing or Aromatherapymassage.
Welcome to a divine journey for your body, mind and spirit 😇

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Love & Peace

Thank you and Thanks again!
For me to be part in these yearly yoga/meditation/spiritual guided courses, to see and experience the transformation in the human and the soul. To share laughter, pain and tears and listen to the light that returns and find its way home.
To see you enjoy healthy meals and balancing treatments. To sense the insight how brave and proud everyone is to invite the divine presence. To observe spakeling eyes and pulsating breath.
That you all are so amazing and wonderful. A great winner in being yourselves.
May we all be happy and free 🙏🏽
Love & Namaste from Samasthiti Retreat Thailand


Seek the Wisdom

”Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot, Seek the path that demands your whole being” – RUMI

Life can be very confusing and sometimes we just miss signs for our path in life. We are just so excited about everyday life, so we get stuck in old habits, and we forget to be alert and attentive. The small details telling so much!
Six years ago something showed me the way to Thailand, and here I am now, every winter, in my own home Samasthitiretreat and a house of purity, love, yoga and healing. Suddenly I start to listen and trust my intuition. With profound Gratefulness to some higher wisdom and every detail that is filled with love, only pure love.
– Come join next retreat (called ‘Heart of Tail’) and I will share my knowledge and tell you more about my story and hopefully awake something in you that needs to be shaken.
Greetings & Love from the land of smiles (Thailand) to you 🦋


INITIATING Samasthiti, through a ceremony with different rituals we give a promise towards ourself to do our very best to stay good, honest and loving. We practise how we can love and care more about our precious inner self. This will not only give peace to the self also peace to the world.
This photo i from the Yogashala viewing the Adriatic Sea. One week with amazing people, so much love and connection. We practise Samasthitiyoga, meditation, receive Reiki, Healing. We eat best vegetarian food, walk to Monastary and meet magic Nature to awake our body & soul 💜

Next Retreat in May 2018

YogaRetreat Thailand

We brighten the winter with a nice retreat in the most genuine and loving part of Thailand.
Self-developing and recovering yogaretreat Samasthitiretreat next February 2018.
We like to call it ‘Heart of tail’. As we discover yoga, meditation, mantra, reiki and other essential rituals, there will be a way of exploring the way to live fully with less worries and fear, we open the heart with care and pure Love.
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Yoga/MeditationRetreat in BanPhe Rayong Thailand


Self Development

One week with fantastic people, so much love and initiating through Samasthiti (balance body, mind & soul). We practise Samasthitiyoga, meditation, receive Reiki, Healing. We eat best vegetarian food, walk to Monastary and meet magic Nature to awake our soul.

Next Retreat in September

Awake in Peru

I can not find enough words what I have been through the last 16 days… a deep inner exploration…
But I know my message, to us all, is to LISTEN… to paus and and surrender…
Last summer I was sitting in my sofa booking my life journey, but not really knowing what was waiting me. All I knew was My faith and intuition called me to Peru and a spiritual healing course with the Shamans in the Amazonas jungle, Machu picchu and Ausangate (the mountains of God).
I was brave enough to follow my inner voice. A journey for body, mind and spirit. The beautiful meeting with nature medicine, mother Earth, father Sky, the Wind, the points of compass and the voice from God. To move with the beautiful rhythm of nature. 
Grateful to nature, my new sisters, brothers, guides and angels. To smile, to cry, meet fear, remember, letting go, not alone, find love, be love, to allow eyes to glow and feel awake as ‘wakes’ 
I Understand I have to break down over and over to raise up. 
We all have the power and fortitude to meet our Self, the light and divinity within
– Nature gives us answers, we can all go beyond fear and trust the process of pure hearty Love.
If you want to know and sense more about spiritual healing you are welcome to my events and you can also contact me for treatments as Spiritual healing, Reiki healing and Thaiyogamassage. 
Until we meet – Love & Light to you

Spiritual Awakening

”Spiritual Awakening is not a destination. It simply a part of Life itself”

I love to travel, and the last ten years has been mostly inner traveling. Nowadays I can stay in both worlds simultaneously and allow my light to shine. To awake is to walk peacefully on earth. To be totally satisfied with what is. In this present moment. To observe my body and mind, control my thoughts, clear old dust, fear and demons, and invite my emotions to igniting guide me through the mystery of life. Like One big Love!

This photo is an awakening memory from last year visit at the Monastery close to Yogaretreat Ciovo Croatia. This year we welcome you first week in June and also in mid September. During your stay in Ciovo You will have a visit at the Monastery.

Next week I start my journey towards Peru. Healingcourse in the Amazonas and Anderna to meet shamans and Mach Picchu. I will turn off all contact with the outside world and social media. To see and hear you again after May 7th.

”We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

You have Choice

When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” – Oprah Winfrey
My daily yoga & meditation practise always has different approach. Yesterday I could notice I got deeper in the connection. A depth of my old traumas from childhood. The last ten years that I have been healing my trauma I constantly find it so interesting how I float through different layers. My body, my mind and my spirit. Thanks to daily yoga & meditation practise. I have changed my bad experience into a sense of love and today I have the ability to share my strong trauma incident with others and support them in their journey. I am fortune & I am so happy! .
– Welcome to Samasthiti Retreat Thailand or my other events.

Beachyoga Samasthiti Retreat Thailand