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Feel Alive Again

”I feel alive again.”
Words from Anna Andersén after two weeks of different professional treatments of spiritual energytechniques at Blenheim Retreat after her diagnose ME.

A very brave woman! Her trust, speaking, showing and listening…
Now we know the essence to recovery is to repair from the depth of soul & spirit.

Two weeks not easy for her, but she did it. Don’t know how this will end but its the beginning of something big, and there are no words for how grateful I am to see her eyes glow again.
Good Luck!

Anna & I have decide to make this official and spread the message of the possibility to cure from neuroimmunological deseases, and other condition of fatigue and/or mental pain, spiritual faintness.

More info about Samasthitiweek here…

TO RECOVER FROM neuroimmunological deseases, other condition of fatigue and/or mental pain, spiritual faintness – SAMASTHITIWEEK

Cure Night

We offer you a curing night (or several) in the greenhouse as naturemedicin and magic from Reiki. You wake up to the powerful sky and the grounding wisper from Mother Earth.
Price 500 Skr/night include e big cup of herbaltea.

More info about Blenheim Retreat in South Sweden.

Cure Night in Greenhouse at Blenheim Retreat

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment @ Blenheim or Samasthiti Retreat

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing @ Blenheim or Samasthiti Retreat

Toplist Blenheim Retreat

Welcome to Blenheim Retreat​ in Skåre South Sweden (a small perfect beautiful harbour village) between Malmö and Trelleborg, listed as one of the best Yoga- Mindfulness Retreat in Sweden.
Thank you SportHälsa​ & everyone who made this article possible🙏🏽

Bookable courses/weekends/treatments within yoga, meditation, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential rituals for recovery, equilibrium and wellbeing.
June 21, Opening Ceremony Blenheim Retreat​, e-mail interest to

Love & Light, see you soon!



Blenheim Retreat

With open arms I invite you to my home & yoga/meditation/healing house. The amazing BLENHEIM RETREAT, a paradise in Skåne between Trelleborg and Höllviken and about 2,5 miles from Malmö, WELCOME you with a its golden heart.
OPEN HOUSE / INAUGURATION in June, more info soon! Already bookable events,

Blenheim Retreat offer:
Yogaretreat/Yogaklasser/Workshops, Samasthitiyoga*
Courses/Education & Guidade meditation
Relaxing treatments within Shamanic Reiki Healing
Events, recovering, rest & strolling along the freeing beach.
Enjoy meals surrounded by healing ocean and nature. Updated Calendar…

REIKI – The Science Bit

”The great thing about Reiki, is that it is for everyone: atheist, religious and spiritual.”
Article from Elephant journal ’How REIKI works-the Science bit’

Reiki is a energy-technic to assist our bodies to repair. Reiki can support in physical pain, mental illness, any kind of stress-symptom, insomnia, emotional blocking and spiritual unbalance. And also a wonderful complement to our daily life!
You want to learn more about how to give and recieve Reiki?

Reiki I+II course is the best way to start! A few spots left for upcoming course in Malmö/Sweden April 20-21 or/and August 24-25, booking to

(photo from Blekinge yoga/meditation/reiki course, next in September)

REIKI I+II COURSE Usui Holy Fire II, Malmö/Sweden April 20-21/Aug 24-25.

Everything is Possible

’WHY’ is usually a question I get from people around me. Why am I doing this? Why am I practising yoga? Why am I meditating? Why do I explore Reiki, Healing and Shamanism? Why am I searching for answers in my consciousness? Why am I doing this inner journeys?

Well the answer is simple but the job is not always easy.

  • I do it for You and the world!
  • You might ask now; how is that possible…?

It all started when I born… I was a pure spirit, as everyone, (thats my belief). Then I had to go the hard school, like many of us humans.

For many years I was exposed by violence, from outer world and by my own mind and thoughts. I lost soul portions, day by day, year by year. I hardly remember my childhood.

Of course I also have had a lot of good life-parts and memories but many years of felling lost and confused. But I did not realise at that time… until I found yoga and meditation. Finally I could feel at home again. A strange sensation… because I was used to feel scared, lost and insecure.

Every day since my first yogasession, around twelve years ago, I have been repairing my own soul. Yoga was the beginning to all my inner exploration, and it showed me the way of truth and the direction towards my Self. Slowly I repaired piece by piece. Now I can bow in gratitude to all my teachers/students/family/friends/life/my self and helpings spirits. Today I am Me.

Nowadays if I feel lost or any others emotional rebounds I happily have tools to deal with what ever comes up. For me its a daily practise and a job that I do with deep passion, presence and humility.

And now, from own experience, many years of yogateacher trainings, meditation, education in Reiki and Shamanism, I can support You and other beings.

My heart says YES! My Spirit says INDEED YEAH! I LOVE to support! I am here to SERVE. I am here to do my best to create more peace within you and also to the world. I Love to do my best to guide your path towards equilibrium and freedom. Naturally, there is not only one way! But I know my SAMASTHITIYOGA/RETREATS is one way.

Do you feel confused or lost? Do you feel disconnected or fearful? Have you been through a trauma, many years of stress, burned out, suffered from longtime illness/pain or other emotional/physical discomfort? Or just a little ’unbalanced’? Or want to do some self development?… the list can be long…

In my Retreats/courses I offer SAMASTHITIYOGA (an energising yogaform to invite a balanced healthy strong body and a tranquil mind), Guided Meditation, Breathe work, Somatic work and Shamanic Reiki Healing.

Please, let me support your presence to invite a brighter and peaceful future.

Welcome to my Yoga/Retreats or/and book a Shamanic-Reiki-Healing session!

Email me and I answer on working hours UTC+2, 12.00-16.00. No bookings on sms or messenger.

”Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices & everything is possible”