Mobility & Strength

We have to stay smart and healthy in our yoga practise/teaching.
Thank you Jill Miller for sharing your story about hyper-mobility.

Every year, and all the time, since I became a certified yogateacher, I have studied with different yoga/meditationteachers, learned from my teachings (thank you students), read all kind of philosophy, but most important, I have explored my body and my inside.
Ofcourse I also like to ’over-stretch’ some time (I am only human) but as soon as I do, I keep reminding myself why I perform and teach yoga; The essence of yoga is the most precious and highly valuable of all other things I have explored in my life. The magical truth about the inside, and how we can use more kindness to ourself. Through all my Yoga, Vipassana, Hypnosis, Reiki and Shaman- (and life it self) explorations I’ve learned how to heal the past, be more present and accept the one I truly am. To reset and find a more comfortable way of treating myself. It’s really been illuminating and valuable for my life, yoga practise but also for my sharing as a teacher and Reiki healer.
In Samasthitiyoga we use initiating to give a promise towards ourself to stay good, honest and loving. We practise how we can love and care more about our precious inner self. This will not only give peace to the self also peace to the world.

From November – April 2018 you will find my yoga/treatments in Thailand Samasthiti Retreat

Here you can read more about Samasthitiyoga. Stay curious but take care if your Self.
Love & Light to you!

Reiki Master

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s activates and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal and recover. Reiki administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone.
As a Diploma Master I am now ready to share my deep connection and aslo to share education though Reiki can be learned and discovered by anyone.

Welcome to my upcoming Reiki Courses.


We Need Love

”Lead us from the unreal to the real. Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality. Aum peace, peace, Aum”

Bring your hands together in front of your heartarea and gently close your eyes. Repeat this Mantra (in english or sanskrit) eight repetitions, after just sit in silence, soft breath and absorb the effect.
We need the Yoga Now! We need to share Love! 

Samasthitiyoga is a balanced fusion of asana, meditation, reiki, mantra, pranayama, mudra, relaxation and lots of Love. Welcome to my yoga!

Chanting mantras 

Back to Nature

Har du smärtor i kroppen? Enligt forskning är yoga/meditation bästa vården. Något som jag naturligtvis håller med om, då vi tillåter kroppen att röra sig naturligt och vi återfår balansen.

My updated schedule

Do you have pain in the body? According to science yoga/meditation is the best cure. I of course I agree, with yoga we allow the body back to its nature and we rebalance the whole body system.
Please read more in the article from Topp&Hälsa.


I have perceived, after my eight years of practise yoga, I am always in a meditative state (except when I am in deep sleep). Meditation is to pay attention and be aware of what is going on inside me and around me simultaneously. It is not about changing or controlling, for me it is about how I deal with everything that is going on inside me and around me. When I am noticing me reaction I can balance out to stay equal. I have observed that it is possible to be blind even if you can see with your eyes. After years of training I now know I also see with my other sences; to smell, to listen and to feel. I can open up a portal and sence a pure happiness. Isn’t that what we are all surching for? Happiness and peace? I can assure you it is all there inside you.

After years of applying I can now allow me to see more clearly. When I started meditation I had my eyes closed just to make that journey on the inside more easily found. But now I can meditate with open eyes. Oh! Yes! it is so hard in the beginnnig. Like everything you have to relearn.

I have the privilege to be a full time yogateacher and therefore also the opportunity to pursue the conscious awareness. But whatever you undertake task is please do serve yourself with a gap of recognition in a moment of presence.
When do you meditate? How do you invite more mindfulness into life?
My advise is to start out soft and simple. Did you know, after only three minutes of mindfulness, that your blood pressure normalising, its effects your blood circulation and the electromagnetic field strengthens.
Start sitting in a comfortable way with a straight spine. You can have your eyes closed or slightly open and then open your eyes wide, especially your corners of your eyes. You might notice something new, something you have been searching for or something you have not searched for. I never look for tranformation because it is there right now. So please allow the transfomation naturally, simple and unaffectedly.
So if you would like, start with five minutes a day and explore what is happening. You never know until you have tried! Do not get attached to a specific place. It is nice to have a meditation room but remind you that you can practise your mindfulness anywhere. My experience says we easely find excuses or prevarication beacuse our mind wants stimulation. But give yourself promisson, at least five minutes a day, to convey the consciousness into the present moment.

Never feel fear to meet me. Instead try the opposite, like I want to do when I meet you, just to be who you really are and see me and I confidently will see you. We will meet with love, respect and understanding.

If you need some help on the way please feel free to get to know my friend and a good mindfulness instructor, Modernmindfulness, here you also get interesting information scientifically.

Today is my sitting meditation day, in the precious yogahouse in Thailand with best environment, surrounded by clear nature sounds, smells, impressions. A simple Sunday date with my own true primordial nature.

– Please read more about this amazing yogaretreat place for you, or your group of students!

Your Yogaretreat

Yoga is not a timeout from the outer world, it is a support to help me peacefully through life…
I have landed in Samasthitihouse and I can tell the house has been lonely for a long time when I have been away.
So now I invite you to come visit this house. It is rentable for everyone, to practise yoga/meditation or/and just to have your vacation. This house will embrace you as long as your goal is to respectfully take care of yourself and others. It breathes support, it shines answers, it is the house of love. And it is waiting for you!
So help me share this to everyone. If you take care of Samasthitihouse, the house will care for you, I am certain.
Questions will happily be answered – here is my contact 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI realize my weakness in my ankles and feet or maybe it’s just the muscles that start finding its way back home… ”we have forgot how to run” a quote from the book Born to Run. After only one km of jogging I could feel every muscle in my feet and ankles. Wow I have missed my jogging… it has been over six years since my last run. Do you go jogging? Have you tried barefootshoes? To get knowledge you have to explore. You have to feel it yourself. If you will try, do not overdo. Like everything new you have to take it step by step. It requires time and patience to allow the muscles to find home again.

Happily I found the barefootshoes at Fotkultur and the ease of bringing my body back to the nature. I have found a new combination to my yoga asanas; the peacefulness of being present, fully aware, moving with lightness from the earth to the sky. It reminds me about the joy of living life in the life ♥

Faith Is Not Trust

This morning I reminded myself the importance of me doing meditation. The last few weeks I have been sloppy with my meditation. I have done my Yoga but I have not allowed me to find my sitting in silence. By not talking is not silence that is just not talking. Silence is to practice the mind to be quiet.

Today my mind was filled with all this thoughts; it is like different voices hunting each other… breath in through my nose and breath out though my nose, in and out… my mind is wandering… planning… thinking… breath…

Well… if I try some Manta, listening to my own inner Mantra… thoughts coming and going… hmm… let me try a symbol, my mind is leaning against the symbol… suddenly thoughts are jumping into my mind, how about my Vipasanna, a meditation of deepness… Well at least I tried and the minutes became a half hour, I am in to it, and I am happy doing meditation.

It is so interesting watching all this thoughts and I know that I should not blame myself like am I doing correct or am I doing wrong. I can never compare to someone because my inner travel is not like any others. I do not have to get the truth in everything.

Like Buddha said: “Do not try to find truth in all – let go of your interpretation”

To start your meditation you will need a combination of patience, courage and faith. But remind yourself, like Hamilton wrote, “faith is not trust. Trust is passive – faith is active”. You will need a lot of active discipline and allow your mind to love the discipline of life. Discipline is to practice and to practice again, do not ever give up. You will enter your own castle, a castle of peace and love.

Meditation means to penetrate the center and the impatience of your own ego. Meditation gives nourishment to your soul and body. Your soul is helping you into your healing process of your body. It is like traveling into your light, your own home.

During the meditation just watch your thoughts, do not judge, let them go, find your breath again and again, it is like waking up, and like one of my students told me once, “It is like reborn”.

Remind yourself that you are more beautiful then ever, and your gifts and values are more than words can explain. You can meditate, everyone can meditate.

All you need is a couple of minutes every day, the minutes will become several while practicing. Invite the silence, embrace yourself, catch the faith!

Like Teresa av Avilas use to say: “Silence is oxygen for the soul”

June – The Peacock

Welcome Miss June! The name June originally comes from Juno who was the supreme Goddess in the Roman mythology. She was the wife of Jupiter and consequently the Queen of heaven and the Gods, according to the mythology. She also regards as the Goddess for the woman and the marriage. They found her the protector of the women and especially the pregnant woman. Her symbol is the peacock.

The peacock pose or Mayurasana is a powerful pose – practiced regularly, can cultivate inner radiance and the subtle, yet powerful essence of fire that governs higher perception and the unfolding of spiritual potential.
Practicing this pose will tone your arms, develop your physical form and increase your vitality. Mayurasana strengthens the forearms, wrists and hands, abdominal muscles, and entire back body. A steady diet of mayurasana can increase digestive power by strengthening samana vayu, or the “balancing air” of the five pranavayus. It is said that the peacock can ingest poison, and this pose, developed properly, can prevent the accumulation of toxicity in the body and mind.
When we challenge ourselves in a pose like mayurasana, we develop the courage and force necessary to develop tapas, the fire or austerity we need in order to fulfill spiritual practice that transforms.
Mayurasana requires great concentration in order to achieve the balance necessary to support the body on two hands. This concentration can lead to clarity of mind that allows our inner fire to burn brightly without becoming dim or damp from distracting thoughts or behaviors. This clarity brings about discriminating wisdom, or viveka.

Too much fire without a strong container can cause the tissues to burn, or the mind to become incensed. It is helpful to cultivate compassion, humility, non-judgment, and a sense of humor as you develop the strength of will, fire, and courage in a practice that leads to greater radiance of vitality. The peacock symbolizes immortality and love. As you practice, you may want to offer up your efforts towards the benefit of others, grounding your spiritual aspirations and progress in practice in compassion and gratitude.

Celebrate June and the peacock pose… Mayurasana step by step…




A perfect world – The real world

In a perfect world we’d all have two hours every morning to unroll our yoga mats and do our asana practice (followed by another half hour of seated meditation). In the real world, however, we have jobs, families, pets, school, and other obligations that make two hours a day seem like an impossible dream for many of us.
Five ways to get more out of every Yoga pose, read more…