Saha Navavatu

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra;
’May we together be protected.
May we together be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our study be brilliance and effective.
May we not hate or dispute with each other.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.’
– A favourite mantra. It creates such a nice formula of nourishing harmony. Just been away for a 50 hours Advanced TTC at Samahita Retreat with encouraging Simon Low, each day we meet in this ’peace’ formula.
This Manta is one of the Chants we add to our Retreat unity at Samasthiti Retreat and also my other Retreats

(Thank you Samahita Retreat for nice wall art)

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra

Summeryoga 2016

Summeryoga with Anna Brus Please bring yogamat, your friends and 80 Skr. Warm Welcome!

– Summeryoga with Anna Brus – 
Please bring yogamat, your friends and 80 Skr. Join Facebook Group 
Warm Welcome!

Own Guru

We are always our own best guru, our own best teachers, the answers are inside us.
This view from the monastery area on the isle of Ciovo from last retreat, a wonderful peaceful space, a connection of listening. Please join my yogaretreat and invite rest for body & soul.

- You are your own Guru -

– You are your own Guru –

Summeryoga in Malmö

CHANGEING DATE TO AUG 17- OCT 19, 17.30-19.00.
Yoga & meditation for everyone! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 200 Skr if you book before July 1.
– email your booking to
Yoga & meditation för alla! BOKA BILLIGT RABATT 200 Skr om du bokar innan 1 juli.
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Live Life

– Together we gets stronger! Welcome to my yoga. Time to book yogaretreat for next season