Reiki & Shamanism

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a feeling and clear intuition that my helping spirits wanted to assit a chosen person/client (we call him mr O). I happen to know that mr O a few days earlier had an accident, became unconscious and mr O status is unfortunately coma at the local hospital. I contacted his family members to explain and get approval to give Shamanic Reiki healing (I never give this ‘type’ of healing without approval from the client or relative).
First, my inner guide said, Yes! … then doubts… What am I doing… Can I do this? I use to do one to one healing in home environment. I’ve never before given healing in a hospital, in public, in a foreign country, in front of ‘audience’ and also to a coma client of another nationality.
Then the inner guide said; Of course you can! Do not doubt! Trust!

The family approved and I started with healing at a distance from my home. It became enormously powerful and I was later told that the mr O pulse had changed to the better.
I then went to the hospital and continued the process of healing…

I am a Reiki Master and also trained in Core Shamanism and I experience a vast sublime power of the combination. I use Reiki to open up and prepare for light, in Shamanism we use journeying (Eastern doctrine calls this Astral traveling) to the non-ordinary reality, we do Extractions (similar to psychic surgery, a method of removing something that doesn’t belong) and then Power and Soul Portion Retrieval, in the end of session I seal with Reiki symbols, vibrations of Light and Love.
I have today continued healing at a distance to Mr O, using crystal and Reiki symbols.

The body and the trauma better be healed before the soul wants to retrieval. My helping spirits support the spirit of mr O to repair body and trauma and then it’s up to the client’s soul if wants to return into the body. Each soul must decide. Within Shamanism and Reiki, we never force someone/something to return, instead letting nature heal and time to show its results. As a healer I am an open channel for spiritual assistance. Always deeply grateful for the guidance, power, light and support I receive from my helping spirits. This method can never harm and always gives supports and serenity in the process.

I want to share this experience with you for two reasons; first to never doubt in yourself, maybe you are a Reiki or Shamanic practitioner (or any branch of therapeutic healing) and I would say trust your practise and try overcome a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Perhaps need new knowledge from a different perspective, check out my events/yogaretreat/Reikicourse. And soon Samasthiti Thou Art will open up new doors for education within yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and much more…
Second, if you or someone you know need a Shamanic Reiki Healing session I am here to assist; in trust, confidence and Love.

Light & Love xx/Anna has a good article about Reiki & Shamanic healing.

Machu Picchu, a moment of awakening and the healing touch from Nature


Soon its SPRING and I’m on my way from Asia back to Sweden!
Now planning all my future yoga/meditation/reiki-events/courses and Workshop (a new one in ‘Out of Body experience’). For this year I suggest you pay extra attention to SAMASTHITI THOU ART – Yoga Education for You. This Education/School is still a secret, so don´t tell anyone! or tell everyone! It’s in progress and I invite you more in next email, but already readable info on here.

You’ll also find records about upcoming events, so don’t forget to book your yearly yoga, reiki-course, retreat, healing, and I can promise it’s like a ‘KICK-OFF’ for your self. Every teaching from me is a moment for you to let go/release from any past blocking and to gain new power of health for your presence and prospective future.

I am deeply Grateful towards you who patiently keep practise yoga with me, for you who’s no longer practice yoga with me but still read my email, to you I haven’t yet met, to my family which share their wisdom & love, for all my teachers who’s been an outer support and all my non-human guides that instruct, and still assist me how to be my self and how to live my life intuitively. It’s also with profound gratefulness I got this possibility in life to share and support you and all other living beings that want to explore my way of teaching, and my opportunity to guide you towards equilibrium and inner peace. I bow in deep gratitude!

Samasthiti Thou Art is a creation of samasthitiyoga/qigong movements, meditation, philosophy, mantra, mudra, chakra, breathework, Initiating, Spiritual guidance, Thaiyogamassage, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential spiritual rituals that educates our mind & support our life-journey. 

– SAMASTHITI ‘THOU ART’ – tradition from the Upanishads address you and declare the divine phrase meaning ‘you are’ – referring to the unseen You


Welcome to your yearly Samasthitiyoga/course/retreat – I bow in Gratitude 

Everything is Possible

’WHY’ is usually a question I get from people around me. Why am I doing this? Why am I practising yoga? Why am I meditating? Why do I explore Reiki, Healing and Shamanism? Why am I searching for answers in my consciousness? Why am I doing this inner journeys?

Well the answer is simple but the job is not always easy.

  • I do it for You and the world!
  • You might ask now; how is that possible…?

It all started when I born… I was a pure spirit, as everyone, (thats my belief). Then I had to go the hard school, like many of us humans.

For many years I was exposed by violence, from outer world and by my own mind and thoughts. I lost soul portions, day by day, year by year. I hardly remember my childhood.

Of course I also have had a lot of good life-parts and memories but many years of felling lost and confused. But I did not realise at that time… until I found yoga and meditation. Finally I could feel at home again. A strange sensation… because I was used to feel scared, lost and insecure.

Every day since my first yogasession, around twelve years ago, I have been repairing my own soul. Yoga was the beginning to all my inner exploration, and it showed me the way of truth and the direction towards my Self. Slowly I repaired piece by piece. Now I can bow in gratitude to all my teachers/students/family/friends/life/my self and helpings spirits. Today I am Me.

Nowadays if I feel lost or any others emotional rebounds I happily have tools to deal with what ever comes up. For me its a daily practise and a job that I do with deep passion, presence and humility.

And now, from own experience, many years of yogateacher trainings, meditation, education in Reiki and Shamanism, I can support You and other beings.

My heart says YES! My Spirit says INDEED YEAH! I LOVE to support! I am here to SERVE. I am here to do my best to create more peace within you and also to the world. I Love to do my best to guide your path towards equilibrium and freedom. Naturally, there is not only one way! But I know my SAMASTHITIYOGA/RETREATS is one way.

Do you feel confused or lost? Do you feel disconnected or fearful? Have you been through a trauma, many years of stress, burned out, suffered from longtime illness/pain or other emotional/physical discomfort? Or just a little ‘unbalanced’? Or want to do some self development?… the list can be long…

In my Retreats/courses I offer SAMASTHITIYOGA (an energising yogaform to invite a balanced healthy strong body and a tranquil mind), Guided Meditation, Breathe work, Somatic work and Shamanic Reiki Healing.

Please, let me support your presence to invite a brighter and peaceful future.

Welcome to my Yoga/Retreats or/and book a Shamanic-Reiki-Healing session!

Email me and I answer on working hours UTC+2, 12.00-16.00. No bookings on sms or messenger.

”Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices & everything is possible”


Spiritual Awakening

”Spiritual Awakening is not a destination. It simply a part of Life itself”

I love to travel, and the last ten years has been mostly inner traveling. Nowadays I can stay in both worlds simultaneously and allow my light to shine. To awake is to walk peacefully on earth. To be totally satisfied with what is. In this present moment. To observe my body and mind, control my thoughts, clear old dust, fear and demons, and invite my emotions to igniting guide me through the mystery of life. Like One big Love!

This photo is an awakening memory from last year visit at the Monastery close to Yogaretreat Ciovo Croatia. This year we welcome you first week in June and also in mid September. During your stay in Ciovo You will have a visit at the Monastery.

Next week I start my journey towards Peru. Healingcourse in the Amazonas and Anderna to meet shamans and Mach Picchu. I will turn off all contact with the outside world and social media. To see and hear you again after May 7th.

”We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

We Need Love

”Lead us from the unreal to the real. Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality. Aum peace, peace, Aum”

Bring your hands together in front of your heartarea and gently close your eyes. Repeat this Mantra (in english or sanskrit) eight repetitions, after just sit in silence, soft breath and absorb the effect.
We need the Yoga Now! We need to share Love! 

Samasthitiyoga is a balanced fusion of asana, meditation, reiki, mantra, pranayama, mudra, relaxation and lots of Love. Welcome to my yoga!

Chanting mantras 

Saha Navavatu

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra;
‘May we together be protected.
May we together be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our study be brilliance and effective.
May we not hate or dispute with each other.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.’
– A favourite mantra. It creates such a nice formula of nourishing harmony. Just been away for a 50 hours Advanced TTC at Samahita Retreat with encouraging Simon Low, each day we meet in this ‘peace’ formula.
This Manta is one of the Chants we add to our Retreat unity at Samasthiti Retreat and also my other Retreats

(Thank you Samahita Retreat for nice wall art)

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra

The Message – A Shift

(Eng below)
– En ödla som hälsar på dag efter dag och till sist sitter mitt framför mina ögonen – INNE i mitt kök. Ni vet känslan av att den vill säga något… har ett budskap… Jag bara känner det, var tvungen att kolla upp! ”Ödlan är ett kraftfullt totemdjur, den avslöjar dina svagheter, dina styrkor och frammanar energi till förändring. Den ger Styrka, Kraft att Förnya det som är förlorat, avskildhet från egot, möta sina rädslor, styra drömmar och att ‘röra sig på andra sidan’.”
Vissa indianstammar tror att ödlor kan bota de sjuka och ber om ödlans styrka i sång. När ödlan slingrar sig in i ditt liv så kan det innebära ett behov av att agera snabbt för att undvika fara och vara beredd att lämna någonting bakom sig.”

Jag är just nu inne i stor förändring. Eller rättare sagt, ännu ett skifte. Nu lite djupare, innerligare. Befinner mig för tillfället i Thailand och mitt yogahus, Samasthiti Retreat. Nästa vecka åker jag på min sjätte fördjupningskurs YinYang-yoga 50 hours med Simon Low. Kurser som alltid är fyllda med förtrollande bra kunskap och vishet. Därefter åker jag tillbaka till Sverige för att glädjande starta mina kurser i båda Samasthitiyoga, Stolyoga samt Workshop och Retreats till Kroatien och Tidaholm. Efter det väntar mig en healing-kurs i naturmedicin samt Shaman healing i vackra Peru. Och däremellan blir det påfyllning med härlig Reiki Art III samt Reiki Master fortutbildning på Bönnarpsgården.
Till följd av min egen utveckling och läkande, låter jag mig vara en källa för läkande till andra. Genom den mest intressanta dyrbara kvalitet vi har i sinnet vill jag förmedla det gudomliga helandet till andra. Dessa fördjupningar är bara början av något nytt som kommer att finnas med i mina framtida kurser & events. Med andra ord, mycket djup förändring. Rädsla har jag lagt bakom mig. Inser magin i budskapet.
Och jag känner mig otroligt redo. Att möta Mig och att möta Dig. Tack fina ödla!

– A lizard visiting day after day, and finally sitting in front of my eyes – INSIDE my kitchen. You know that feeling the sensations it want to say something… has a message… I just feel it and had to check out! ”Lizard is a powerful totem animal, it reveals your weaknesses, your strengths and evokes the energy for change. It gives Strength, Power to Renew that which is lost, seclusion from the Ego, face their fears, controlling dreams and to ‘move on to the other side’.”
Some Indian tribes believe that lizards can cure sickness and pray for strength lizard in songs. When the lizard meander into your life so it may mean a need to act quickly to avoid danger and be prepared to leave anything behind. ”

I am currently in great change. Or rather, yet another shift. Now a little deeper, more intimate. At present moment am in Thailand and my yogahouse, Samasthiti Retreat. Next week I go on my sixth Course YinYang-Yoga 50 hours with Simon Low. Courses that are always filled with enchanting good knowledge and wisdom. Then I go back to Sweden to pleasingly start my courses in both Samasthitiyoga, Chair Yoga, Workshops, and Retreats to Croatia and Tidaholm. After waiting a healing course for me, in medicine of natur and Shamanic Healing in beautiful Peru. And in between that wonderful Reiki Art III and Reiki Master training at Bönnarpsgården. Due to my own growth and healing, I let myself to be a source of healing to others. Through the most inter precious quality of mind I want to give that divine cure to others. These indentation are just the beginning of something new that will be in my future courses & events. In other words, a very deep change. I have let go of the Fear. Realises the magic of the message.
And I am stunningly ready. To meet Me and to meet You. Thanks fine lizard!

Lizard is a powerful totem animal, it reveals weaknesses, strengths and evokes the energy for change.


O Love, O pure deep Love, be here, be now, be all…
— Rumi

Through Yoga we explore the presence and we can rest in the NOW… Welcome to Samasthitiyoga – updated calendar
(photo from my Samasthiti Retreat Thailand, next retreat/education February 2018)

“O Love, O pure deep Love, be here, be now, be all…” — Rumi

A Letter

It came a letter – like sunlight through a cloudy sky, it poured me with gratitude, happiness and love. An important reflection and health to invite. Written in Swedish but I will also translate it to English. Thank You my friend & Namaste’ _/\_

”- Det är nu ett litet tag sedan jag joinade din sommar workshop. De dagarna satte igång många tankar hos mig och gav mig många viktiga insikter. Bland annat om vikten av att förlåta och framförallt förlåta sig själv. Jag insåg att jag har så mycket att försonas med.
Liksom du har jag en bakgrund med mycket rädsla, skam och i mitt fall även en hel del ”dåliga” strategier för att handskas med en svår situation. Men de där strategierna var ju livsnödvändiga då och inget blir bättre av att jag klandrar mig själv för att jag försökte överleva. Jag har kommit en lång bit på väg med att förlåta andra men aldrig ens reflekterat över vikten av att förlåta mig själv. Så viktigt!
Du pratade oxå om tacksamhet gentemot kroppen, att den är det enda vi äger. Visst är det så, jag tänker helt annorlunda om min kropp efter dagarna hos dig! Jag vandrar genom livet och samlar fina stunder/upplevelser/möten likt smultron på ett grässtrå. Många av mina smultron är tacksamhet från individer som berättar om hur jag hjälpt dem att utvecklas, att se saker ur ett annat perspektiv och därmed förändrat deras liv. Det är alltid lika fint att få ett sådant budskap och därför kände jag starkt att jag ville dela med mig av de insikter du gav mig och som känns så otroligt fina och viktiga i mitt framtida arbete med mitt inre. – Tack fina du!”

”- It is now a while ago, I joined your summer workshop. Days that started many thoughts in me and gave me many important insights. Among other things, the importance of forgiving and especially to forgive myself. I realized that I have so much to reconcile with.
Like you, I have a background with a lot of fear, shame and in my case also a lot of ”bad” strategies to deal with difficult situations. But these strategies were essential at that time and nothing gets better that I blame myself because I was trying to survive. I’ve come a long way to forgive others but never even thought about the need to forgive myself. So important!
You also talked about the gratitude towards the body, it is the only thing we own. It is true, I think quite differently about my body since the days together with you! I wander through life and collect fine moments/experiences/meetings like wild strawberries on a grass straw. Many of my favorite is the gratitude of the people who talk about how I helped them to develop, to see things from a different perspective and thus changed their lives. It’s always nice to receive such a message, so I felt strongly that I wanted to share with you the insights you gave me and that feels so incredibly beautiful and important towards my inner future work. – Thank you, dear!”

Like Sunlight pouring down gratitude

Like Sunlight pouring down gratitude

We choose Love

Samasthitiyoga invites to equilibrium, community and love. Let us connect together with less fear and more love. Updated fall schedule.

Ganesh sculpture from my travel in India, symbol of removing obsticles