Everything is Possible

’WHY’ is usually a question I get from people around me. Why am I doing this? Why am I practising yoga? Why am I meditating? Why do I explore Reiki, Healing and Shamanism? Why am I searching for answers in my consciousness? Why am I doing this inner journeys?

Well the answer is simple but the job is not always easy.

  • I do it for You and the world!
  • You might ask now; how is that possible…?

It all started when I born… I was a pure spirit, as everyone, (thats my belief). Then I had to go the hard school, like many of us humans.

For many years I was exposed by violence, from outer world and by my own mind and thoughts. I lost soul portions, day by day, year by year. I hardly remember my childhood.

Of course I also have had a lot of good life-parts and memories but many years of felling lost and confused. But I did not realise at that time… until I found yoga and meditation. Finally I could feel at home again. A strange sensation… because I was used to feel scared, lost and insecure.

Every day since my first yogasession, around twelve years ago, I have been repairing my own soul. Yoga was the beginning to all my inner exploration, and it showed me the way of truth and the direction towards my Self. Slowly I repaired piece by piece. Now I can bow in gratitude to all my teachers/students/family/friends/life/my self and helpings spirits. Today I am Me.

Nowadays if I feel lost or any others emotional rebounds I happily have tools to deal with what ever comes up. For me its a daily practise and a job that I do with deep passion, presence and humility.

And now, from own experience, many years of yogateacher trainings, meditation, education in Reiki and Shamanism, I can support You and other beings.

My heart says YES! My Spirit says INDEED YEAH! I LOVE to support! I am here to SERVE. I am here to do my best to create more peace within you and also to the world. I Love to do my best to guide your path towards equilibrium and freedom. Naturally, there is not only one way! But I know my SAMASTHITIYOGA/RETREATS is one way.

Do you feel confused or lost? Do you feel disconnected or fearful? Have you been through a trauma, many years of stress, burned out, suffered from longtime illness/pain or other emotional/physical discomfort? Or just a little ’unbalanced’? Or want to do some self development?… the list can be long…

In my Retreats/courses I offer SAMASTHITIYOGA (an energising yogaform to invite a balanced healthy strong body and a tranquil mind), Guided Meditation, Breathe work, Somatic work and Shamanic Reiki Healing.

Please, let me support your presence to invite a brighter and peaceful future.

Welcome to my Yoga/Retreats or/and book a Shamanic-Reiki-Healing session!

Email me anna@yogabrus.com and I answer on working hours UTC+2, 12.00-16.00. No bookings on sms or messenger.

”Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices & everything is possible”


Saha Navavatu

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra;
’May we together be protected.
May we together be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our study be brilliance and effective.
May we not hate or dispute with each other.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.’
– A favourite mantra. It creates such a nice formula of nourishing harmony. Just been away for a 50 hours Advanced TTC at Samahita Retreat with encouraging Simon Low, each day we meet in this ’peace’ formula.
This Manta is one of the Chants we add to our Retreat unity at Samasthiti Retreat and also my other Retreats

(Thank you Samahita Retreat for nice wall art)

Saha navavatu (peace) Mantra

Feel Free

Within a couple of days I will start my traveling again towards Sweden. I will bring so much joy and love and hope to share with everyone that I´ll meet on the way.
This genuine best place on earth Banphe Rayong Thailand, and my Samasthitihouse. I love this simple and luch nature, all elements surround me, people caring and always with a smile. It is a place to feel free. To rebalance, reunion and to seal with true nature. With a smile in my heart I will transfer myself to next place but surely return soon. Perhaps you would like to join me on the next trip to Samasthitihouse, or any trip that suits you…
Link to my calendar and Link to my upcoming Retreats around the world.

With Love – See you soon/Anna

Happiness goes where Happiness is

Happiness can only come from within. This photo taken at the Mae ramphueng beach, 12 km sand and saltwater of Pacific Ocean surrounded by trees and mountains. The energy is high here and I recommend you a visit. My Samasthitihouse is right around the corner and of course I will welcome you with open arms. Please read more about upcoming retreats in Thailand. Or if you rather prefer a long weekend in Croatia.

Free to Love




I Am Human

postI´ve got mail. I mean real mail… post in the postbox. And two postcards at the same time. How do I feel about that? So happy! But also feelings of missing. Someone is caring… thinking about me.

Do you send post or letters? Do I send real post or letters? To be honest last time must have been three years ago. A letter to a person I had argued with. I had to send the letter by post to be sure she got a signed information.
Than all this e-mails and sms.
Fast, quickly, now. Everything is in rush. Look around, people do not posthave time to stop and take a moment or two to reflect. If we do not have time to reflect we definitely have no time sending a postcard or a letter.

When I was a teenager I had a few penpals. I had all this different notepaper, various colors, various smells. I´d chose carefully. Depending on day, emotion, errand and significance. To connect depending on emotions. It was okay to be sad and wright, or laughing and sending happiness, sometimes a letter containing love. I was and am human. I am permitted to feel. I love being allowed to be human. Don´t you?
The only distinction now, a few years later, is that I can watch my emotions without getting attached, I am not letting my emotions control me. Are your emotions controlling you?

This does not mean I don´t like e-mail and sms. Those are amazing. And allows me contact with the whole world for free.
But in a postcard och notepaper there is so much feelings and energy. It´s like you can see the person, smell the person. Like the Indians sa;
”The most beautiful things in the Universe are the starry heavens above us and the Feelings of duty within us.”

So it is all about connections. With the nature of feelings, and with your family and friends.
So with deep respect I will continue to use e-mail and sms, and within the next few days I will, with great care and love, choose a postcard for my friend.
But first I will cry! Just because I am human!

Celebrate the Full Moon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is the Full Moon shining all over the world – It reminds me about our unlimited source of the cycle of nature, of juicy energy of sensuality, of nourishing and creative fertility. The moon does effect me. Does it effect you?
I have introduced to spend the three days of the full moon celebrating the moonlight by basking in its beautiful rays. Sometimes it’s just a quick cup of tea outdoors, other times I host the sacred moon by dancing with my boyfriend or just a simple meditations in the light.
By celebrating the moonlight and being aware of its presence we can start to take advantage of the rhythm it offers us. After all, we’ll have plenty of time to sleep when it’s dark, but the full moon is a chance to stay up late and have a party. Hang out with friends or just get out under the moon, a walk down the street. It doesn’t take much, just find a tiny way to celebrate, appreciate, and bathe in the light of the moon!

A Shiny Christmas!

I am so grateful to all yoga friends and your driving spirits. I am learning and getting wiserevery day according to you. To teach yoga is for me the greatest service I can render and it is one of the most honourable occupations to have. To give love, joy and happiness is a gift to revitalise all human existents on earth. It is goodness of being present and to give freedom.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for a sparkling fall and especially warmth to all who joined the Red Cross donate class yesterday. It brought the Red Cross 2040 Skr. Keep on shining and your inner light might help you get rid of fear, your presence will automatically help other feeling free; You are never alone…

The Red Cross aim is to prevent and relieve human suffering

I will see you all next year after my trip to India and Thailand. You will find your yogaclass under Events. I am sending you my thoughts and I wish you all a very bright Christmas and an even brighter New Year.