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“Savasana is being without was, being without will be. It is being without anyone who is. – B.K.S. Iyengar
Savasana (corpse pose) might be the most difficult posture but most important. Samasthitiyoga a fusion of asana, meditation, qigong, reiki, mantra, mudra, pranayama, chanting and other surprises.
Welcome to Lorensdal and Chakra – Yoga course with Anna Brus or Trelleborg, Stolyoga kurs – Chakra, both starts April 11th.

Everything is Connected

Everything is sustained and connected; The Universe, the nature, the water, the air, the life and your body. Feldenkrais Method is a system designed by Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984). The Feldenkrais method aims to improve movement repertoire, aiming to expand and refine the use of the self through awareness, in order to reduce pain or limitations in movement, and promote general well-being. In Sweden the Feldenkrais Method is practiced within the normal healthcare system usually by physiotherapists.

To connect the physical body, you will bring the physical, emotional and the metal center together. The Chakras are connected. With the Root chakra (first) you will find safety and the grounding and the right to be here. With the Sacral chakra (second) you will find movement and pleasure and the right to feel. Through pleasure you might plant the flower of seed. The power of seed will grow and the Solarplexus Chakra (third) will glow and your right to act might get strength. Your inner fire is lighting and your mind to improve and change is connecting.

Feel safe – get pleasure – feel the stability to change – reach the connection with the lower body and hopefully the aim of your seed.

Power begins with what is. Earth, as matter, is the container, movement is the means. Our bodies are the vehicle, our emotions its fuel, making the third chakra the engine. Earth and water anchor us in reality, forming the container that allows the alchemical fire to burn bright and hot. They are crucible of transformation
~ Anodea Judith

Moments of Bliss

A professor in Mythology, Joseph Campell, is known for his words “ Follow you bliss”. Sometimes when I work hard and life is kind of in a hurry, I just to take a minute or two and find my moments of bliss. It help me lower my stress and I help my body and soul in balance; it is like meditate for a minute or two, to find my mindfulness (Sati), to remember being in the present moment. The present moment is my bliss.

The next crown Chakra Sahasrara, meaning thousand, is the ”Lotus of the Thousand Petals” located four finger-breadths above the crown of the head. The goal of this Chakra is expanded consciousness and the element is knowing. When crown Chakra is not in balance we can experience a mistrust of life, selfishness inability to see the big picture, confusion, apathy and a lack of faith and inspiration.
When we have balance we have a deep understanding not necessarily in a proven way. We have a belief system and a connection to a higher power. This Chakra is less about the physical and more about how you feel, how you regard yourself as a thinking being.

When the Kundalini is raised up to Sahasrara chakra, the illusion of individual self is dissolved. You becomes realized, one with the cosmic principles that govern the entire universe within the body. At this time all feelings, emotions and desires, which are the activities of the mind, are dissolved into their primary cause.

The best exercise for Sahasrara is meditation to quiet the mind and separating the ego (voice) from the true self. The union is achieved and the moments of truth-being-bliss.

Give yourself moments of bliss, see you on the yogamat…

Unfolding River

One of the best pathways about yoga, and the most beautiful, is to find peace. For me to find peace within was to get red of my ego. When my ego flew of I suddenly found true love, true love from bottom of my heart. When the ego disappeared I realized the love and the connection with every living existent. That everything is changeably; unfolding like a river flow.

I would love to live like a river flow, carried by its surprise, of its own unfolding”
Michael March

Ajna Chakra, also called as ’the eye of intuition’ and it is the gateway to astral and the psychic dimension of the consciousness, and there it is also known as ”the third eye”.

The word ajna comes from the Sanskrit which means ’to know, to obey and to follow’. Literally ajna means ’command’ or ’the monitoring center’.

Among Indians, it is also known as the divya chakshu (the divine eye) or the eye of knowledge because it is the channel through which a spiritual aspirant receives revelations and insight of the higher world of consciousness.

However in most of us, this ”inner eye” remains closed the though we see and observe the events of the outer world, we cannot have the knowledge and understanding of the truth and the deeper layers of human existence.

Ajna is located just above and between the eyes directly behind the eyebrow center. The third eye chakra is the point of meeting of the three main nadis – ida, pingla and sushumna. Here these three nadis merge into one stream of consciousness and flow upto sahasrara or the crown chakra.

When the mind is concentrated on this conjunction of these three nadis, a transformation of the individual consciousness takes place and ego is removed. As long as one has ego, he is aware of dualities and he cannot enter the samadhi because as long as you remember yourself, you cannot get out of yourself.

I would love to live like a river flow… see you at Ajna Chakra, your intuition of peace…

The Inner Truth

I live in Yoga every day and I have found a healthy happy way of living. But a few days ago I was standing in front a decision. Every day is filled with decision, sometimes easy once other times difficult once. “Follow you heart”. That is easy to say but sometimes not that easy to perform. My decision showed out to be wrong and now I want it unmade. But no money no nothing can undo a mistake. Now I wait and hope my apology and love can adjust and make thing better again. After my decision my heart was in pain and I suddenly was listening to my inner voice. It took me trough the heart, where we communicate and connect with others. My inner voice helped me find my inner truth. The truth about the my soul´s wish of love.

The fifth Chakra (Visuddha Chakra) or The Throat Chakra, the blue lotus of energy, is located right in the throat region. It is the Chakra that controls personal vision and communication. It stands for the right to be heard and to speak. To listening to the inner voice and to find the truth. The truth to live as you learn. It helps us with self-expression, envisioning our purpose in life, and developing our Voice in the world. We purify our body honesties. To be honest to your self and to be honest to everyone.

When in harmony this Chakra will help us resonate with our self and with others, we find creative self expression and are in touch with playfulness, joy and innocence in our lives. We are able give and receive the truth and can hear our soul’s desire.

Although sound may be the primordial ingredient of existence, it is consciousness – created from its vibrational impact – that creates and maintans the very web of life
~ Anodea Judith

See you at Visuddha Chakra – your inner truth of joy.

Live Love Laugh

Live Love Laugh – First time I saw that phrase I was in a clothing shop and I was watching their window decoration, there was this round box saying “Live, Love, Laugh” and I just loved it, it was beautiful and immediately it got right into my heart. After that day I have seen it everywhere; as signs, bloggs, tattoos…

To open up the heart and to love is not that simple, to really love, I mean to love your self as you are and to love others just as they are, to see the beauty. To open up the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). The heart chakra is the center of compassion. When this chakra opens, you transcend the limits of your ego, and identify with other people, plants, animals, all of life. This is the humanitarian center. When your heart chakra is open, you’re likely to become involved in social causes. The heart chakra is your most vulnerable place. Anahata is located at the heart level and it is also center for humility and forgiveness. To forgive opens up to understanding and love.

Anahata is responsible for the wakening of oneness with life, which is characterized with “Universal Love”. The heart chakra is the transmutation of fire into light. Its element is air, the ascending force that controls and opens up the heart, and lungs. The mantra is Yam.

Through love we are able to explore our instinctual core and evolve to the next step of expressing our truth. Through love we are able to embrace and heal the lager world around us.
~ Anodea Judith

True love is to love without receiving anything in return. To exist fully you are willing to Live now, Love everyone and Laugh within. See you at the Heart Chakra!

Plant a Seed

On Friday we are officially getting the realm of Autumn. It is a time in our seasonal cycle where the energy begins to move toward the Fall. We move in cycles and riding the sky toward the day between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. It is a day where we can feel abundant, according to the Buddhists tradition. Where we can celebrate the fullness of Light. We can set a positive attention for our future, for what is ahead and place it in a positive light; we plant a seed for our aims.

From Svadisthana Chakra and our seed we give fruit to next Chakra; Muladhara or Solarplexus Chakra. In this powerful Chakra we get our strengths, our strength to reach our goal.

Manipura chakra is the energy center located at the area of the Solar Plexus. The real awakening of the Kundalini power happens only here, as it can be experienced very strongly, with loud and thundering auditory impact. Once this chakra is awaken and we start mastering over it, no longer are we capable of so easy falling to the lower levels. It is the first safe haven illuminated by the Sun that raises our life energy. Manipura is the center of the will power. Realized people live in this center of energy, discipline and endurance. Manipura means jewel-city, its color is yellow like amber, and its element is fire, organ of action.

The positive aspect of this chakra is Peace. When it is fully purified and once a complete control over the Solar Plexus is attained and the feeling of Peace expanded – then we gain full protection against fear and the destructive tendencies of other people, as well as from our own lower physical impulses. It is in Manipura that we really free ourselves from our illusion and our complexes.

”Healing the third Chakra brings a healthy sense of power as well as its limits. The person is now able to take on challenges, follow through on tasks, confront opposition effectively rather than with reactive retaliation, and take responsibility for their actions.”
~ Anodea Judith

This week we plant our seed, see you at the Muladhara Chakra and release your inner power.

The Flower of Your Seed

A couple of years ago I meet a very talented Yogateacher, and during the class he was talking about hip openers, to open up the hips and getting rid of old sensations and old overwhelmed feelings. To reach the Second Chakra is to really open up, get a flow and getting rid of old guilt and accomplish true satisfaction. Today a few years later and plenty of yoga and hip openers I now understand his theory.

The Second Chakra, Sacral Chakra or Svadhistana Chakra, is located in the lower abdomen, about an inch below the navel. ”Svadhisthana” means ”sweetness”.

The Second Chakra is associated with creativity and procreation. It also governs emotional and sensual aspects of our lives. The main aspect of the second chakra, however, is sexuality. Sexuality is a life force. It is the water that softens the hard Earth and readies it for change. It is a force too often denied or perverted, and being robbed of our pleasure, we are robbed of our power. When we lose our desire, we lose our will. Power and will are attributes of the next chakra, and pleasure and desire are their seed. Sexuality is the flower of that seed. Power and will are its fruits.

Signs of an excessive Second Chakra may be overly emotional behavior, sexual addiction or poor boundaries.

The element for the Second Chakra is water, thus the association with the liquids of the body. Water flows, moves and changes. A balanced Second Chakra allows us to do that also.

The color for the Second Chakra is orange. Orange is a very stimulating color because of its vibrational energy. The sense for the Second Chakra is taste, especially a sweet taste. Backward bends, hip openers and squatting strengthen the Second Chakra.

Healing our wounds in this Second Chakra creates the necessary emotional depth for developing true power, compassion, insight and awareness – all aspects that are ahead of us on the Chakra journey.”
~ Anodea Judith

Increase balance through happiness and pleasure; see you at the flow of Svadhistana Chakra – The flower of your seed.

Power From Below

When I was watching a TV program last year there was a person saying, “To work with younger people gives you power from below”.

Then I realize younger wealthy persons normally has more energy, they are more grounded and supported from the earth. They are usually not yet influenced by the outer stress and that is why younger people might give you spiritual strength and more energy.

It is all about the Root Chakra (the base) and the Earth Element. The Root Chakra or (Muladhara) is about being physically there and feeling at home in situations. If it is open, you feel grounded, stable and secure. You don’t unnecessarily distrust people. You feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body. You feel you have sufficient territory.

If you tend to be fearful or nervous, your Root chakra is probably under-active. You might easily feel unwelcome. If this chakra is over-active, you may be very materialistic and greedy. You’re probably obsessed with being secure and resist change.

What is Chakra? Chakra is an old theory. Chakras are our energy centers and there are seven major Chakras. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out though our body. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.
The Chakra system is an evolutionary program and can be used to reprogram our lives
~ Anodea Judith

This Fall we will deepen the Chakras… read more about the Chakras…

See you at the base, the Muladhara Chakra.