Inlägg av yogabrus

Nature is Divine

– We have to discover our own truth.– Welcome to Blenheim Retreat – we offer Spiritual retreat, yoga courses, guided meditation, Shamanic healing and Reiki courses/treatment. Courses/retreat 2019 book to Healing/treatment book  

Positive Grounding

GROUNDING the body allows negatively charged antioxidant electrons from the EARTH to enter the body and neutralise positively charged free radicals at sites of inflammation. Welcome to Samasthitiyoga & other events at the healing house in South Sweden Blenheim Retreat,  and I will tell you more about Grounding to Earth and other essential ritual to […]

Feel Alive Again

”I feel alive again.” Words from Anna Andersén after two weeks of different professional treatments of spiritual energytechniques at Blenheim Retreat after her diagnose ME. A very brave woman! Her trust, speaking, showing and listening… Now we know the essence to recovery is to repair from the depth of soul & spirit. Two weeks not easy […]

Cure Night

We offer you a curing night (or several) in the greenhouse as naturemedicin and magic from Reiki. You wake up to the powerful sky and the grounding wisper from Mother Earth. Price 500 Skr/night include e big cup of herbaltea. More info about Blenheim Retreat in South Sweden.