Inlägg av yogabrus

Cure Night

We offer you a curing night (or several) in the greenhouse as naturemedicin and magic from Reiki. You wake up to the powerful sky and the grounding wisper from Mother Earth. Price 500 Skr/night include e big cup of herbaltea. More info about Blenheim Retreat in South Sweden.

Toplist Blenheim Retreat

Welcome to Blenheim Retreat​ in Skåre South Sweden (a small perfect beautiful harbour village) between Malmö and Trelleborg, listed as one of the best Yoga- Mindfulness Retreat in Sweden. Thank you SportHälsa​ & everyone who made this article possible🙏🏽 Bookable courses/weekends/treatments within yoga, meditation, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential rituals for recovery, equilibrium and wellbeing. […]

Blenheim Retreat

With open arms I invite you to my home & yoga/meditation/healing house. The amazing BLENHEIM RETREAT, a paradise in Skåne between Trelleborg and Höllviken and about 2,5 miles from Malmö, WELCOME you with a its golden heart. OPEN HOUSE / INAUGURATION in June, more info soon! Already bookable events, Blenheim Retreat offer: Yogaretreat/Yogaklasser/Workshops, Samasthitiyoga* Courses/Education & Guidade […]

Reiki & Shamanism

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a feeling and clear intuition that my helping spirits wanted to assit a chosen person/client (we call him mr O). I happen to know that mr O a few days earlier had an accident, became unconscious and mr O status is unfortunately coma at the local hospital. I contacted […]


Soon its SPRING and I’m on my way from Asia back to Sweden! Now planning all my future yoga/meditation/reiki-events/courses and Workshop (a new one in ‘Out of Body experience’). For this year I suggest you pay extra attention to SAMASTHITI THOU ART – Yoga Education for You. This Education/School is still a secret, so don´t tell anyone! or tell everyone! It’s in progress […]