Feel Alive Again

”I feel alive again.”
Words from Anna Andersén after two weeks of different professional treatments of spiritual energytechniques at Blenheim Retreat after her diagnose ME.

A very brave woman! Her trust, speaking, showing and listening…
Now we know the essence to recovery is to repair from the depth of soul & spirit.

Two weeks not easy for her, but she did it. Don’t know how this will end but its the beginning of something big, and there are no words for how grateful I am to see her eyes glow again.
Good Luck!

Anna & I have decide to make this official and spread the message of the possibility to cure from neuroimmunological deseases, and other condition of fatigue and/or mental pain, spiritual faintness.

More info about Samasthitiweek here…

TO RECOVER FROM neuroimmunological deseases, other condition of fatigue and/or mental pain, spiritual faintness – SAMASTHITIWEEK

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