Soon its SPRING and I’m on my way from Asia back to Sweden!
Now planning all my future yoga/meditation/reiki-events/courses and Workshop (a new one in ’Out of Body experience’). For this year I suggest you pay extra attention to SAMASTHITI THOU ART – Yoga Education for You. This Education/School is still a secret, so don´t tell anyone! or tell everyone! It’s in progress and I invite you more in next email, but already readable info on here.

You’ll also find records about upcoming events, so don’t forget to book your yearly yoga, reiki-course, retreat, healing, and I can promise it’s like a ’KICK-OFF’ for your self. Every teaching from me is a moment for you to let go/release from any past blocking and to gain new power of health for your presence and prospective future.

I am deeply Grateful towards you who patiently keep practise yoga with me, for you who’s no longer practice yoga with me but still read my email, to you I haven’t yet met, to my family which share their wisdom & love, for all my teachers who’s been an outer support and all my non-human guides that instruct, and still assist me how to be my self and how to live my life intuitively. It’s also with profound gratefulness I got this possibility in life to share and support you and all other living beings that want to explore my way of teaching, and my opportunity to guide you towards equilibrium and inner peace. I bow in deep gratitude!

Samasthiti Thou Art is a creation of samasthitiyoga/qigong movements, meditation, philosophy, mantra, mudra, chakra, breathework, Initiating, Spiritual guidance, Thaiyogamassage, Reiki, Shamanism and other essential spiritual rituals that educates our mind & support our life-journey. 

– SAMASTHITI ’THOU ART’ – tradition from the Upanishads address you and declare the divine phrase meaning ‘you are’ – referring to the unseen You


Welcome to your yearly Samasthitiyoga/course/retreat – I bow in Gratitude 

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