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Life is Good! That´s a nice recipe for mind. Even the dark sides, the less good stuff, there are always light and goodness. There are always a bad side and a good side, upwind and downwind, like black and white, like life and death. You can always find ease. Maybe death is no death; maybe death is just a new life. Like the Buddhist says; “life is eternity”. I think we in the west should celebrate the death more, like they do in the east, get to know the true meaning of life; live and die.

They prepare for death, like you prepare for any other difference in life. How do you prepare for death? Well, you never know when time is in. That is way you always be nice to yourself and every other human being; like good Karma. Good Karma helps you to be prepared. Abstain from killing, stealing, lying, no fears, no doubt, no worries. Sadhu; to live more spiritual without isolate from the outer world. Yes, good Karma supports your mind however; support to create more beauty into life, I believe. What do you believe?

Five weeks ago I left Sweden with an opened mind and an opened heart. The first step was India, Verkala, and with opened arms my boyfriend and me stepped right into a retreat with true Metta. Metta means loving kindness. In metta the heart opens unconditionally, encompassing all that is, with acceptance, awareness and good will. The word ”metta” is from the Pali language of the earliest Buddhist texts. Metta is universal, finding expression in all religions and all societies.To find balance is to find real love. Love deep inside, deep in the bottom of heart. Feel love to everyone and to everything; that is also good Karma. And thanks to Anjali and Surya I really balanced in Love within my relationship and myself. I am so grateful to everyone and to everything.

Next stop was Thailand Chiang Mai ”new town” and to align with a group in Anusarayoga. I adore the principles in Anusara (and also Viryayoga), to align and get balanced in the physical body as well as the mental and emotional body. Anusara is to open up to Grace with great foundation, spirals and loops. To find the Spanda; pulsation. During the Immersion one and two I also learned how to fall, to get rid of fear and fall from headstand and shoulderstand, well I still practice but I have done it. I also keep reminding myself to not cross my limits, Yoga is about feeling good. Like Iyengar says; ”Yoga is health, then comes the services to people

After the Immersion one and two I went for some Buddhist Vipassana meditation in the most beautiful Tempel, Doi Suthep, I have ever seen. It is placed up in the mountain with a magnificent view over Chiang Mai. And with the five elements surrounding me I easily fell into the quietness. Well I am happy I did the Goenka tradition before in Sweden, because I found this Mahasi Saydaw tradition not that disciplined, and in meditation you really need lots of self-discipline and concentration. I remember a few years ago when I first heard about meditation, I thought it was to stop thinking. In some way it is, but it is actually about controlling the thoughts. Like a good friend told me once; “sometimes your thought is your enemy and sometimes your breath is your friend”. You will need a huge concentrated mind, to control all the senses, the mind and thoughts, getting rid of obstacles and ego. To reach meditation; Samadhi, simply a quiet awarenenss of here and nowA stomach flu had me leave one day earlier, but with smiley eyes and a deep appreciating to life in its simplicity.

Today I arrived by nightbus to Rayong beach; wow! I adore the beach, the sea, the salt and the sand. Especially when it is 35 degree in the shadow and around 25 in the water. Rayong and Mae Rumphuang Beach feels like home, and the ocean give me good healing. My daily recipe; meditation and morning yoga at beach, walking at beach, reading at beach, eating at beach, evening yoga and meditation at beach. I will take one day at a time and really enjoying mindfully, but this is my aim for the following days before returning to Chiang Mai and Anusara Immersion three. Life is good; my recipe! What is your daily recipe?

Love and Light/Anna

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  1. Lena
    Lena says:

    Underbart att du verkar ha det så bra. Vilken fantastisk resa, så fylld av yoga, meditation och kärlek. Saknar dig lite men snart ses vi hoppas jag. Kram


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