The Power of Love

Today’s yoga classes became powerful and loaded with love. Our world are horrible sometimes, lots of suffering. People, individuals and groups that have lost focus on the importance of the World; Love, devotion, caring, understanding, empathy and unity. This morning we obviously started the class with a minute of silence, we sent our love and compassion to the suffering people in Norway, my neighboring country. Every day it is important to realize the understanding of the passion; to love yourself and love others, every individuals right to be loved. Like it says in the Swedish book “Konsten att leva innerligt”… “Love is not the answer about life, it is the link, process, the paths to the answer. To care about other people without requesting anything in return. To love without getting. That is the true love.

By getting balance in your own inner love, you might get power seeding out love to people in the whole world.

Take care of your family and friends. May all be happy and beloved.

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